Maluma pays tribute to José José

Suria Ibañez
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The death of José José undoubtedly shocked many artists and fans. It was even the subject of many posts on Facebook and Twitter. Despite the fact that the 71-year-old singer was already in trouble due to the cancer he suffered, he showed a lot of desire to live and move on.

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Maluma sings "El triste" by José José

José José was the inspiration for many Latin American singers, so his death shocked the world of music. When José José performed his songs, he managed to convey the feeling of it to all those present. Such was the case with his presentation in 1970 when the public even stood up to his wonderful performance. In fact, I can assure you that listening to it will make you skinny at such an interpretation. Thanks to this, this man managed to earn the title of "The Prince of the song."

During his lifetime, many artists paid tribute to this man, such was the case of Damn Neighborhood, DLD, Molotov, Torre Blanca, Beto Cuevas, among others. However, after his death, many more with all the respect that this singer deserves, they have paid him countless tributes, a clear example was Carlos Rivera and a few hours ago the famous Colombian singer Maluma did.

Maluma is a singer of Colombian origin who is dedicated to singing in the reggaeton genre, however this time he decided to move away a little from what he commonly does and pay tribute to this great man. Opinions were divided because although Maluma has great talent, some users assured that he was far from being able to match the great Prince of the song.

The video where Maluma interprets the theme of "El triste" was shared by him through Instagram, but not before making it clear that he does so without the intention of offending anyone and with the respect that this great man deserves.