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Maluma surprises with his clothing line

The new collection has unisex clothing models.

Veronica Morao
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Maluma surprises with his clothing line – Showbiz – WebMediums

All people know Maluma and his career, not only as a singer, but as a businessman. A drastic course took the Colombian, by giving the great novelty of his clothing line.

The popular artist has built a reputation in the artistic world and also in the business world. At 28 years old, Maluma heads the list of the 50 most creative people in his country, and has highlighted his style in every decision he makes.

Right now, she is campaigning for her own clothing line. Royalty by Maluma is a collaboration with Reunited Clothing and Macy's. From next March 24, it will be available in stores.

The Macy's brand had been thinking about the possibility of collaborating with Maluma for several years, according to Durand Guion, the company's vice president of fashion.

In an interview for The New York Times, he explained that they were tormented after the first meeting, since this is not something easy, it was really fun because Maluma felt at every step of the process.

The singer's interest in fashion

The singer assured that he does not have any kind of defined fashion style and that he really likes to flow.

He explained that he likes to sing different musical genres, he likes to dress in various styles, maintaining that he likes to be a box of surprises and evolve.

He also clarified that, "Maluma is not a genre, but rather a movement... He is more like an ecosystem, a world with different ramifications and they all start from the same thing: from love to art."

The executive creative director of Reunited Clothing, Hilda Batayneh, said in the same interview that Maluma is not afraid to try on anything. He was trying on a woman's coat and said he wanted a model like that.

He also added that this line is completely Maluma. All the details are small fragments of the singer in each of the pieces.

The singer indicated that this entire line is inspired by Medellín, his hometown. He expressed that the sky of that city is very special and that every time he sees it, he feels that it is different from the sky of other cities and countries.

The singer with different tastes

Maluma's ability to break away from fashion norms is the foundation of the great Royalty collection. Some of the clothing pieces are intended to be unisex, an example being an off-white crepe shirt with diamond-shaped stone buttons.

Touring the store, Maluma indicated that he loves all the clothes, because what men can wear can also be used by women, without any problem. This was one of the keys of the Colombian for this collection.

At the end of 2021, the actor also collaborated on a limited edition collection with Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain. This was inspired by the neon colors that would light up Miami. In addition, it became the brand's best-selling collection, according to Rousteing.

The designer stressed that Maluma does not have any kind of limits, as those in the world of fashion might have, so he could unite things that are completely opposite.