Maria Pedraza "The crazy one of the cats"

Suria Ibañez
2 min read

Maria Pedraza is a unique girl, she is a woman who loves to be free and to live life without paying attention to what they will say. This girl is one of the protagonists of Elite.

A few weeks ago María Pedraza was furious because a magazine for which she posed used an excess of photoshop in her photo, stating that she did not recognize herself with so many retouching.

Maria Pedraza "The crazy one of the cats" – Showbiz – WebMediums

This beautiful actress transmits tenderness, beauty and sensuality, she has a deep look that manages to captivate the whole world and transmit feelings. In addition, her hair is one of the many beautiful things that this girl has and this time I highlight both with a peculiar photograph on Instagram.

María has never denied her taste for cats, contrary to that, she has uploaded several photos with two kittens, which shows that in addition to being a beautiful actress, she is a great human being. He manages to transmit that love with animals, and we all appreciate it. Maria looks happy and gorgeous in the photo, however, the kitten does not seem to enjoy herself in the same way.

In the photo this pretty girl defines herself in a super cute and tender way as: "The crazy one of the cats".

Maria Pedraza "The crazy one of the cats" – Showbiz – WebMediums