Meet the new girlfriend of Tom Holland, the famous actor from "Spider-Man"

Cristian García
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Recently, various media have published images showing the actor Tom Holland with what would be his new partner. In this way, although it has not yet been confirmed by the "Spider-Man" actor, the photographs would be quite compromising due to the way in which both characters share.

Meet the new girlfriend of Tom Holland, the famous actor from "Spider-Man"
Photo: T13.

All the news was published by the famous TMZ media, which points out that the actor and the young woman, whose identity is still unknown, were seen celebrating at the famous British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival event, which happened between the days July 4 and 14.

In this series of photographs , both characters are seen sharing drinks and holding hands, which would confirm that Holland would have a relationship with this mysterious young woman who was seen with him.

Meet the new girlfriend of Tom Holland, the famous actor from "Spider-Man"

It is expected to hear statements by Tom Holland to know if this young woman is really his new girlfriend or if they are just friends. Even so, according to the different evidence presented by the TMZ newspaper, it seems that there really is a sentimental relationship between them.

Previously, the actor was also embroiled in a similar scandal when he was seen quite attached to his "Spider-Man" co-star, actress Zendaya. Even so, both actors denied said speculations that there was any kind of romantic relationship between them.

"Spider-man: Far From Home" was recently released in theaters, generating immediate success for this new film in the Marvel universe. In just 2 weeks after its release, the film has already surpassed the global grossing figure of $ 850 million.

Full gallery of images of actor Tom Holland with his new "girlfriend"

You can access the complete gallery of the photographs taken, Tom Holland and his supposed girlfriend, by the TMZ newspaper. In this way, said site has said photographs in original quality and the 18 photos filtered through this medium can be viewed.