Mexican Kim Kardashian dies

Suria Ibañez
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Well they say that when it's your turn it's your turn and this happened with the famous Mexican Kim Kardashian who became famous for a life full of luxuries. The famous Mexican Kim Kardashian unfortunately passed away in the most unexpected way possible, many people related her to a murky world, however, the causes of her death will already be clarified, and it is difficult to believe it.

Mexican Kim Kardashian dies – Showbiz – WebMediums

They fire the Mexican Kim Kardashian

Claudia Ochoa Félix, it was her name, she allegedly worked with Chapo Guzmán and was related to the Anthrax, which is why some people knew her as the "Empress of Anthrax". However, she affirmed that it had nothing to do with drug trafficking and that she would denounce the media for defamation.

In any case, this young woman led a life of luxury and glamor, she had an impressive figure and a face that made up perfectly, hence the nickname of the Mexican Kim Kardashian. Claudia Ochoa Félix left three children after her death, she was found dead in an apartment that allegedly belonged to one of her lovers.

Since then, rumors about the cause of her death began to spread, it was presumed that she had been murdered due to the links she allegedly had with some cartels or that it had been due to an overdose. However, days later it was confirmed that his death had been due to asphyxia by pulmonary aspiration.

Pulmonary aspiration consists of ingesting some liquid or solid through the wrong routes, which prevents breathing and causes suffocation. However, it was also confirmed that some hallucinogenic substances had been found in Claudia Ochoa Félix's body.

In any case, the death of the Mexican Kim Kardashian shocked and on his Facebook page the brother of the occisa public the funeral preparations attended by some friends, family and other people.

Mexican Kim Kardashian dies – Showbiz – WebMediums