Miley Cirus was present at the celebration of Kaitlynn Carter

 Jender Milano
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The relationship between Miley and Keitlynn began with a boom in entertainment, this because the singer had a relationship with Liam Hemsworth, their separation, including divorce, followed by photographs of both together and even kissing, for what is rumored was This infidelity is the cause of their separation, something that Miley Cirus has always rejected.

Miley Cirus was present at the celebration of Kaitlynn Carter
Carter has just turned 31 and of course, Miley could not miss the celebration, immediately they began to circulate photos on social networks of both, together and celebrating Kaitlynn's birthday.

Conservative image of Miley and Kaitlynn

It was one of the things that most astonished Cirus fans, in the photos they appear with serious clothes or at least without so much brightness or sensuality and with a calm attitude. Perhaps it is because we are used to strange poses, always emblematic, and even actions that would fall into the category of "+18", many of us think that something else must have been saved for the private end of the party.

Recall that the singer is known not only for her shows at concerts, but also at parties and on various occasions, she presents herself with clothes that cause a scandal or does things that are immediately commented on by everyone because of the daring of those actions.

Opinions come and go about Miley and Katlynn's new relationship, but the generality of their fans agree that the important thing is to be happy and if Miley Cirus is really happy in their relationship (and that's what we all think from their moments and photos together), nothing else matters.