Miley Cyrus, accused of adultery, will not apologize

Samanta Ruiz
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After her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. Transparent, sincere and completely open with her fans, the singer has posted on her networks, more than an impudence, her position in front of life.

Miley Cyrus, accused of adultery, will not apologize – Showbiz – WebMediums

In his Instagram account, he recognizes many of his controversial actions such as having lost million-dollar contracts for smoking marijuana, or for shamelessly spreading his image sucking on a cake in the shape of a penis, having had addictions and sharing certain somewhat inappropriate acts, even apologizing for him. Consumption of MDMA in his songs, as well as the exaggeration of the images of his naked body that he has published. He even claims to have cheated on several couples.

Miley celebrates life and the supposed mistakes made, they make her a difficult woman, but in this case the accusations of adultery are really false. This is possible in this time of change that we live in, where female empowerment is the rule and not the exception.

Difficult stories precede the rise of so-called “complicated women” like Cyrus. The false morality of cases such as Monica Lewinsky, the shame of women who, when violated in their privacy, were exposed by spreading private photos or videos, as happened to Paris Hilton, Vannessa Hudgens, the Disney star, or Scarlett Johansson among many others, leading these women into uncomfortable situations, even some of them forced to apologize for the "morally correct" nenvironment.

They were victims in all cases, and yet they had to apologize.

But this upside down world is coming to an end. Women like Miley Cyrus prove it. I will not apologize for something I did not do, the singer clearly stated.

The female rebellion is underway, movements such as #Metoo, has become viral throughout the world and in various expressions it is manifested in countries such as Argentina #Miracomonosponemos, Canada #MonAssui, Spain #Yotambien, Italy #Quellavoltache, and they continue….

The creation of the collective "Time's Up" in 2018 in Hollywood, has institutionalized this thinking and dozens of famous actresses such as Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon, among others, have committed themselves to it.

The gender perspective has expanded, women's websites and social networks have provided an unbeatable space for “complicated women” to spread their thoughts and mark the way for other women trapped in macho environments.

Women like Miley Cyrus exposing themselves without embarrassment definitely produces empathy.

Because we see in her the claim of ordinary women, we read in her words the desire of many to shout her truth, without fear of being judged.

Said the great Gabriel García Marquez in 1993., “Really the power of women moves the world” and it is happening.

Miley Cyrus, accused of adultery, will not apologize – Showbiz – WebMediums