Miley Cyrus leaves in shock with Slide Away on MTV

Suria Ibañez
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Miley Cyrus leaves in shock with Slide Away on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums

The gorgeous Miley Cyrus shocked the entire audience by performing her latest song Slide Away. Although at first the opinions were divided on whether Miley should appear to act at the awards, at the end it was confirmed that she would present herself.

Since Miley abandoned Hanna Montana and began to rebel, opinions about her have varied, some disapprove of her extreme behavior while at the same time others admire her and try to imitate him.

Miley is going through perhaps one of the most difficult moments in her life because leaving a love with whom you shared 10 years of your life between good and bad moments, together or apart should not be easy. Of those 10 years of knowing each other, 8 months living day by day with the person and that this relationship comes to an end regardless of the reasons should not be easy. For this reason, many times the way to express feelings is through painting, music, acting, theater, in short.

Cyrus regardless of what has been said about not being interested in his breakup with Liam and all his statements that this is not true has shown in different ways that it is not, Miley appeared at the MTV awards and the result of said performance was amazing. In his voice we can notice how he breaks when he begins to sing.

Certainly this would not happen to someone who is not interested in a certain situation, Miley showed with great feeling when interpreting the song that it hurts, she shocked the entire audience thanks to the set design, but mainly this was due to the way she sang. Different because of the feeling that said theme carried? Does what happened to the gorgeous Liam really hurt him? In any case, the breakup is already on the table with even divorce papers, so it only remains to wish them the best.

Miley Cyrus leaves in shock with Slide Away on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums