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“Prey” a film with a Comanche touch

Lenin Boscaney
3 min read
“Prey” a film with a Comanche touch – Showbiz – WebMediums
It will be the first film in cinema history dubbed entirely in the Comanche language.

"Prey" (prey), the new production directed by Dan Trachtenberg will have an indigenous touch within itself. It is a sequel to the famous movie "Predator", an alien species that destroys human beings due to its great thirst for blood.

This time the filming comes with a different aspect from the others, since the plot takes place in a Comanche indigenous tribe. Naru, the protagonist, must defend her Comanche tribe from this predatory alien who will not rest until he gets what he wants.

The director affirms that both languages will be spoken in the film, both English and Comanche, but that, in addition, he will have the option of seeing it dubbed into the Comanche language in all its minutes, a translation that becomes the first in history.

In turn, producer Jhane Myers is very enthusiastic about this installment and it is necessary to point out that Myers is of Comanche origin. The new installment of "Predator" will be the first film in the history of cinema dubbed entirely into the Comanche language, to which Myers highlighted:

“Nothing like this has ever been done for my tribe, ever. This is the first time a new movie will come out where we will have the option to listen to it entirely in Comanche. That inspires not only the young speakers of my nation, but also many people who will show what our language is like. And that's something that excites me a lot."

Comanche is one of the languages that is in danger of disappearing, since it currently has very few speakers, which is why the producer insists on its enthusiasm, to see if with this saga more producers are encouraged to recover the indigenous languages and other which remain in constant decline.

The film will be on the Disney + platform from August in some countries, in others its premiere will be later. It should be noted that this is the fifth installment of the "Predator" saga, remembering that the first was released in 1987, directed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As a curious fact, the, by then unknown, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally in charge of giving life to the character of the "Predator", but when he carried out the tests he ended up giving up the role after a few days, to later accept being the protagonist of “Bloody Contact”, a film that catapulted him to fame.