Rosalía shows that she knows how to sing more than "With height"

Suria Ibañez
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Rosalía is a singer of Spanish origin who has given a lot to talk about since she won the MTVs awards. It has been harshly criticized for being the first Spanish winner of a Latin American award, the theme of "With height" was responsible for making her reach that award.

Rosalía shows that she knows how to sing more than "With height"

Rosalía shows other types of songs

It is known that Rosalía from a very young age this beautiful singer has played various instruments and taken music classes. Rosalía took a taste for music from a very young age, so it is not news that at 26 years old she already has a fame.

The theme that gave him success was the song "With height", which he performed in conjunction with the reggaeton singer J Balvin. This issue led Rosalía to be nominated on MTVs and also win some.

The beautiful Spanish singer was not only nominated on the MTVs, she was currently nominated for the Grammys that will take place this month, precisely with that news Rosalía celebrated her 26 years last September 2019.

Rosalía shows that she knows how to sing more than "With height"

Although this beautiful woman does a combination of rhythms, a reason that has led her to success, she has also shown that she can not only sing songs like "Con Altura" and that of course her voice can do much more.

In an interview for the wmagazine magazine, Rosalía could be heard singing a few seconds of a song, the tone of voice that she uses at that moment is undoubtedly devastating, it is like honey for the ears.

In the interview we can see Rosalía very happy, she also made a range of photographs for the magazine in which she can be seen in a super sensual and very beautiful way. Rosalía enjoys incredible security despite being strongly criticized for her physique, she feels gorgeous pretty.