Rosalía is the first Spanish artist to win an MTV Music Award

Samanta Ruiz
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The Catalan singer has revolutionized the music scene in her country, fusing flamenco with current rhythms.

With only two studio albums Los Angele s (2017) and El Mal Querer (2018) she has become the first artist from Spain to win an MTV Music Award.

In a night full of incredible performances, in a legendary event that pays tribute to pop culture and brings together the best artists in music, Rosalia, 25, sang at the gala in her language and thanked for it.

Visibly excited, she took the stage when her winning name was announced, for the Best Latin category together with J Balvin, for the song "Con Altura", whose video on YouTube has already accumulated 772 million views. In addition, the same video was awarded in the Best Choreography category.

The video, for the now award-winning song, was released in March 2019 and reached number one on the official YouTube chart in just one week.

But the way the track was born is quite curious, with quite particular expressions, it makes a journey of characters that are part of Latin culture.

At the beginning, it says “E'to vamo 'to start it with height” a phrase that belongs to the Dominican presenter Mariachi Buddah and that he uses in his radio and television programs, and that Rosalía took to compose the song, finally giving the title to it.

Rosalía is the first Spanish artist to win an MTV Music Award

The phrase: I carry Camarón in the glove compartment, refers to the gypsy called El Camaron de la Isla who is one of the main references of Spanish flamenco that has greatly influenced Rosalía's artistic expression.

Elsewhere, the theme song reads "From Héctor I learned the flavor", clearly referring to the salsa rhythm of Puerto Rican salsa embodied by the legendary Héctor Lavoe.

The expression: I put palms on the Guantanamera, it is for the G uantanamera, the woman from Guantánamo, the famous Cuban popular song.

In short, a tribute to the Latin styles of music, to the origins of reggaetón, to the Caribbean and Latin American rap.
Rosalía is the first Spanish artist to win an MTV Music Award

In a three-man job, its producer, El Guincho, who also appears in the video, created the catchy beat and then J Balvin was invited to join the project.

The Colombian became the ideal couple, they had already worked together on other songs like “Brillo” and “En Mí”, included on Balvin's album Vibras (2018), so the chemistry was already armed.

Rosalia's fans never expected her to sing this style of music, but following her intuition, she determined that it was the moment, and so she launched into this project, explained the singer. In view of the results, his intuition was correct since he has ended with an award in the mecca of music.

Rosalía is the first Spanish artist to win an MTV Music Award

In a night full of fantastic performances the Prudential Center shone with the songs of Taylor Swift, in a presentation with an inclusive message, the hip hop of the eternal Missy Elliot, who received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award given to the legends of music since 1984, and the presence of many stars of the show, celebrating the music.