RUNAWAY is the new song by Sebastian Yatra

Alejandro Figuera
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The Jonas Brothers after consolidating his comeback last week with his new album, Happiness Begins, now prepare a collaboration with Spanish-speaking star singers.

RUNAWAY is the new song by Sebastian Yatra – Showbiz – WebMediums

The song they hope to get out in collaboration with Daddy Yanke, Sebastian Yatra and Natti Natasha will have the name of "Runaway"It seems that we will not have to wait too long to listen to it, since will be launched next Friday, June 21.

Even though neither we nor anyone else except those involved in the creation of the song know anything about it; Sebastian Yatra, gave some details about his song (it was written by him) in an interview with the magazine and music portal, Billboard.

Among the milestones that we began to highlight in this song before its release is that of the diversity of languages ​​in which it will be sung (English and Spanish). For the Jonas Brothers it will be the first time they sing in Spanish.

How the Runaway song project came about

"The story of this song, started two years ago "said Sebastian Yatra.

The way in which the process began to bring together the current collaborators of the song was like this:

The first to get on the boat was Joe Jonas, followed by Natti Natasha, then Daddy Yankee; Interestingly, after Nick and Kevin learned how big this project would be together with the aforementioned collaborators, they decided to give him a vote of confidence and get on.

"Three weeks ago we filmed the video in New York, and you feel happiness on the track "said Sebastian.

Who is Sebastian Yatra, the writer of Runaway

It is a singer and composer born in Colombia, has had a meteoric rise in the world of music and his works show how deserved he has been.

The genres on which the 24-year-old singer focuses are: Latin pop, ballads and reggaeton. In 2016, he signed a contract with Universal Music Latin Entertainment after having succeeded with the release of his single "Traitorous"

Among his most recent works is even that of film doubler; during a tour in Spain last year, he was invited to make the voice of a character in the film Small foot, which was distributed throughout Latin America.

For now let's endure the emotion and hope for the best

These are the details we have for now, just wait until next Friday June 21 to enjoy this great collaboration. What do you think? Will it equal or surpass one of the greatest musical successes of recent years, Despacito? One of the key pieces of that song is also in this project, it is worth insinuating it.