Saint Laurent in Brazil

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Without being in anyone's plans, a piece of haute couture such as sandals or flip-flops, marked the fashion season in Brazil. However, this was made possible by Havaianas, a renowned Brazilian sandal brand joining Saint Laurent to present a seasonal summer collection.

Saint Laurent in Brazil – Showbiz – WebMediums

The flagship shoe of the season has been Flip Flop. For Havaianas, Saint Laurent chose to follow the animal print trend by imagining a zebra flip-flop, which promises to personalize our best summer outfits. Declined in the aurgredes colors of Brazil, and in most of the summer prints, since the 60s, the Havaianas is known for its versatility.

Flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles, sunglasses and accessories are part of the other Havaianas products. Its stores are international, and its distribution style is for any type of store, which makes it adapt to any style.

However, it is not the first time that Havaianas collaborates with major fashion brands since during the 2002 period, they collaborated with the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Then come equally prestigious collaborations with Swarovski and Céline, to name a few.

Saint Laurent in Brazil – Showbiz – WebMediums
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Saint Laurent en Brasil
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