Selena Gomez confesses that her first love was Cole Sprouse, and he responds

 Jender Milano
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The beautiful Selena does not stop giving something to talk about, in this case she stirred the tender memories of her beginnings in the entertainment world, when she was still a girl of just 11 years old and was already acting on the Disney Channel. Selena Gomez has just confessed that by that time her heart was beating uncontrollably for one of her companions on the series, Cole Sprouse (Riverdale).

Selena Gomez confesses that her first love was Cole Sprouse, and he responds

But as usually happens, every stitch comes with its thimble, and in this case Selena's confession had an impact, directly the heartthrob Cole Sprouse gave an answer that left everyone with their mouths open, the fans do not stop imagining what would have happened if That confession or that chemistry had been noticed in time... or are they still on time?

Selena Gomez's first kiss

At that time and through the script of the programs where the young star appeared, Selena had to give her first kiss, but adjusting to the script and by life's designs, this first kiss was with Cole Sprouse's brother, who also was part of the program.

The comments on networks have not been long in coming and everyone has already left the topic of Justin Bieber behind and Selena's followers do not stop asking and imagining: How would things have been for the beautiful singer if the love of her life since her childhood It would have been Cole Sprouse.

Cole Sprouse's response to Selena that surprised everyone

Selena's comment actually made reference to a first love shared between two boys, Juan and Cole Sprouse, she even placed some images with written letters from that time in a room, where the love conflict that had already grown in her since she was a child is clearly read for both. Cole quickly replied in a short and quite creative way:

"Juan always cheated on me," was Cole's short comment, whose occurrence earned him thousands of comments and likes, including a laugh from Camila Cabello, which made Selena's post a fun party for her followers.

For now, any type of love relationship between Selena and Cole Sprouse is ruled out since he maintains a fairly stable relationship with Lili Reinhart, but we always have the imagination and if you do not believe it, ask the fans who have already developed theories of universes possible with a childhood romance between the two stars. Dreaming costs nothing, even less for the fans.