Selena Gomez eating pizza in her pajamas demonstrates her new way of life

Samanta Ruiz
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Selena Gomez, 27, has had no rest when it comes to health issues.

Selena Gomez eating pizza in her pajamas demonstrates her new way of life

A few years ago she was diagnosed with lupus and as a result of the complications of this pathology she had to undergo a kidney transplant in 2017, whose donor was her friend Francia Raisa.

He has recently suffered a depressed and anxious state as a result of his addiction to social networks, this caused him to withdraw from them, since he could not handle the criticism that multiplied with each post.

To overcome the depression, he had to go to a rehabilitation clinic and undergo drug treatment and psychological support.

Obviously, given the state of affairs, physical appearance will not be a priority for the singer, but the anonymity of social networks allows her to continue receiving malicious comments criticizing her harshly for her body.

But now the attitude of the singer has radically changed, her time at the rehabilitation clinic is paying off. She is convinced that her career and her talent go the other way, and she has already shown enough in that regard.

Selena is determined to show herself as she is, she knows that she is not perfect and makes it very clear. She is not a glamorous girl, and she does not want to show herself as such because she is not real.

She has chosen a new path. I know she is trying hard to take care of her mental and physical health and to be able to sustain all the achievements that have brought her here over time and thus continue with her successful musical career.

The singer is undergoing a specially designed training by Amy Rosoff Davids, her personal trainer, who advises her on nutritional issues and has managed to strengthen the new rebirth of Selena. The exercise routine includes days of yoga, Pilates, some kickboxing techniques, as well as cardio exercises to have more resistance and burn calories.

Proof of her new emotional strength is a video that she has posted on Instagram, where she is seen in very funny pajamas enjoying a pizza and junk food, like any young person her age.

Selena Gomez eating pizza in her pajamas demonstrates her new way of life

Even in her profile photo on the social network, she looks relaxed in beautiful pink pajamas. It no longer matters what they will say, it only matters who I am. Not in vain his next tour is called Revival Tour.