The Puerto Rican singer Mark Anthony sang from a blind boy during his concert

Luis Rafael
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Marc Anthony is undoubtedly a vocalist who does not stop surprising us inside and out: in the changes of look, in the new melodies, in the loves, but above all in the totality of its human quality It exhibits on each show that it presents all over the planet.

For example, his new show in New York, explicitly at Barclay Ceneter, where he offered an incredible show that many fans came, including an extraordinary child who never imagined being so close to his number one.

The Puerto Rican singer Mark Anthony sang from a blind boy during his concert

During his concert Marc Anthony sang a child full of hope

It was a night that will not be neglected, since, the Puerto Rican Vocalist Lawist had an enthusiastic movement with an externally weakened child who sang in his ear and embraced himself for one of his exhibitions, seeking acclamations and a rain of recognition.

During the evening, in which he sang a decent piece of his melodic collection, he saw that before the stage there was a visual disabled young man participating in the show with his father, Jhonny Rivera.

Both moved to the rhythm of the melodies that the artisan sang for the public enjoyment, however. There was a second in which Marc saw a child with a cane and to his father near the stage. Moreover, he did not reconsider when the Latina star asked the Security Group to help you get off the stage.

Then, at that time, he welcomed the child with visual disabilities, and not only that! She sang in the ear a part of "live my life", perhaps the greatest success of him, that only a couple of days before exceeding one billion perspectives on YouTube.

The father of this child was too excited and grateful to the Puerto Rican artist

This contact sign shocked the young man, who told the vocalist that his son would congratulate him for his birthday. In addition, the public did not stop exhaling and adulterating the artist of "Your love makes me well" and "now who". The most cheerful birthday for my young Lord. My eyes.

My heart. The person who totally changed my point of view. Keep adjusting my point of view. Continue sharing your Light and Love on the planet", he composed Jhonny Rivera, father of the child with visual disabilities, at Instagram Instony.

For it was on this scenario where he published some recordings, presenting that it was the best birthday he could give his son. "Epic approach to receive the year 16, interpreting one of her topics with one of the number one artisans. @Marcanthony Thank you for making this notable birthday for life" closed Johnny Rivera.

Before this, the 16-year-old dad thanked the artisan for the motion he made to his son Johnny Rivera, who at that moment praised his birthday and is an enthusiast by the Puerto Rican artist.

This show in New York is essential for the visit that the craftsman continued after the Covid-19 pandemic. Marc Anthony, in addition to singing the successes of him, take advantage of the spaces to sing the experience of the last deliveries of him, for example, "return dad'The return", that he recorded with Daddy Yankee.