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Seungyeon reveals his feelings for BTS member Jimin

Luis Rafael
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BTS member Jimin is one of the most talented in the Korean band and has always managed to be the center of attention of all BTS fans.

Since, he is a handsome young man and quite charming, moreover, Seungyeon recently revealed his feelings for the artist.

This is not something new for the member of the K-pop band, from In fact, in the 8 years of his artistic career, he has managed to captivate the hearts of thousands of beautiful girls who adore him.

The former member of “KARA” is one of these girls, and she decided to make this news public to inform her fans.

However, this was a bit unexpected for Jimin, since, he didn't think that Seungyeon had so many feelings towards him. The artist declared her love on a television show that premiered in 2015.

In fact, recently in an interview they did with the KARA artist, they asked her about what was happening between her and Jimin, the singer and actress seemed a bit nervous after the question, however, she spoke about it.

Seungyeon reveals his feelings for BTS member Jimin – Showbiz – WebMediums
Seungyeon reveals his feelings for BTS member Jimin

Seungyeon talks about his admiration for Jimin on the Weekly Idol show

During this interview, they directly attacked the issue that everyone was eager to know what the KARA artist was feeling for BTS member Jimin. She started laughing and mentioned that she has had a lot of admiration for him for some time.

He affirms that he is a very talented young man and that he has a beautiful voice, in addition, he also finds him quite handsome and very nice.

The artist mentions that it all started since they promoted her song "Danger" and at the same time they promoted a song and since then it began to attract her attention.

Because, they are very good artists, and they have that impressive touch that makes their music so successful. Throughout her interview you could tell that she was quite nervous and was always looking for a way to adjust her hair, MC noticed this immediately and made a lot of emphasis.

KARA and BTS had their first encounters on music shows

It is worth mentioning that, since 2015, both groups had had public meetings, since they were performing in the same talent programs and from that moment the artists of both bands began to get along.

It is worth mentioning that, the artist has always felt very excited when both bands have coincidences when promoting their songs, since it is time that both groups can enjoy and thus spend more time enjoying the company of Jimin.

Seungyeon stated that she was very happy to meet him during the event, since his company makes her feel special. It is evident that the actress and singer is very much in love with BTS's Idol a couple of days ago, the artist manifested to talk about this issue.

Jimin responds and reacts to what happened with Seungyeon

Then within a couple of weeks, the K-pop singer learned that Seungyeon's former member was a true fan of his and felt a bit surprised. He said that it was really something incredible for him, since the KARA band is a group that has much more Seniority than they do.

Therefore, the artist Jimin felt a bit confused, because since the debut of the band that was in 2007 they had always remained in the line of the best bands with large numbers of views, however, all this ended when the band broke up in 2016.

About the feelings that the artist expressed towards him, I do not speak much about that, in fact, he tried to omit all the questions regarding his love situation, he wants to keep a low profile and prefers to leave these things for his private life and not keep it reflected in the media.

Does BTS member Jimin have a girlfriend?

Faced with this controversy, many people have wondered if Jimin from BTS currently has a girlfriend, since his behavior was a bit strange. However, the artist has stated on several occasions that he does not have a girlfriend at the moment and that he is totally single.

However, many people doubt that he has a secret relationship that he does not want to talk about.

Since, on several occasions they have seen him with several famous women in different places, and they are seen to be very close, one of these artists is Seulgi, the singer of the band "Red Velvet" and in recent weeks one of her biggest fans.

ARMY since they began to publish this type of information has begun to doubt if the artist is trying something with the former member of KARA.

Because she already defined how she felt about him, and they have met on more than two occasions in the last month, many believe that it is something suspicious.