BTS was among the highest-paid celebrities in the world last year: Forbes 2019

 Jender Milano
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Since its appearance as a group BTS boys have not stopped growing, both for the quality of their songs and their voices, as for the image of each of the young people of the band who have become the dream prince of millions of young girls in the world.

Such is the reputation of the boys that any place they visit, the comments they make, automatically goes viral in the networks, so it is not surprising that they have reached so many incomes that BTS has been included among the 50 highest paid in the Forbes 2019 List.

BTS was among the highest-paid celebrities in the world last year: Forbes 2019

Tours, successes and a game for mobile devices

It could be said that the point where the band was most promoted was with its tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, from that tour, the images of the members of the band did not stop being raised as profiles and with dedications in millions of accounts Instagran, Facebook, WhatsApp. Through social networks they began to share their anecdotes, short videos ... I was in the game.

But they did not stay in the music, thanks to the ingenuity and initiative that characterizes them, BTS also launched a mobile game called BTS World, it is not surprising their high income, since by diversifying with the ingenious game, millions of fans downloaded it immediately and played to feel closer to their beloved artists.

Among players, presenters and consecrated stars

We must remember the weight that has to enter the Forbes list, these guys enter the top 50 of a list of 100 celebrities where they are bands like Metallica and Guns N'Roses, singers like Taylor S. and Jay-Z, athletes like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, they are simply rubbing shoulders with the best in the world.

How much were your profits? Without the tax deductibles, the band of the moment, BTS achieved an income during the last year of no less than 53 million dollars, a figure that many artists may not manage to accumulate in their entire lives (although others triple it in a year), taking into account that it is a young band on the rise, we can take for granted that we will have BTS for a while.