Shakira excited in her last concert

The Colombian singer could not resist the emotion and breaks to mourn in full concert

Arachely Perez
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The Barranquillera put an end to his tour on dorado World Tour, and where better than in his homeland, his Colombia that he loves so much

The singer has done it again, she has given everything on stage and after traveling around the world with her tour the Dorado World Tour i wanted to finish in Bogotá(Colombia)

A night full of emotions and where he has felt closer than ever the love and admiration of his fans.

At half time before finishing his concert he could not stand the emotion and started to cry inconsolably I love you Colombia, thank you. I will always remember this moment, expressed.

It was very emotional to see the audience chanting her name and crying with her.

It should be remembered that it has been a difficult year for the Barranquilla because, due to health issues, he had to postpone his expected tour.

Fortunately we could enjoy radiant and beautiful, and without a doubt this has been one of his most important tours, in fact in his social networks he has defined the tour of the Golden as the best of his career, he added:"Bogota, thank you for giving me one of the most beautiful concerts of my life!" "We have reached the end of this route. Your friendship and love are my treasure. After searching and searching, for you I found El Dorado "

To make her last concert even more special, the singer has presented her new video clip Nothing.

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Shakira emocionada en su último concierto
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