SuperM would be becoming the new BTS according to specialist

Cristian García
2 min read

SuperM just debuted in a big way with their new track Jopping, which has garnered a lot of attention worldwide. In this way, this new K-pop group would be managing to generate numbers never seen before in the music scene. For all this, businessman Kevin Morrow has made some comments about said boy band, pointing out that they could be the new BTS.

SuperM would be becoming the new BTS according to specialist

Kevin Morrow is the CEO of Steel Wool Entertainment, where former f (x) member Amber Liu is based. Thus, everything seems to indicate that the words of this famous character would be coming true long before thought. He has made his point of view clear, which would reflect the opinion of many users of social networks.

Steel Wool CEO points out that SuperM would be the new BTS

Kevin Morrow has pointed out that SuperM has a great impact worldwide and that they would represent everything that K-pop is, for which they would have great possibilities of making history in this musical genre:

SuperM will get all the attention as they will represent K-pop just like BTS has been doing. I think that SuperM will become the successors of this boy band worldwide, having great popularity.

In this way, the CEO of Steel Wood Entertainment has made it clear that he has all his hopes in this new group, which is expected to generate a great impact in all parts of the world. For this reason, a company like Capitol Records would have been interested in making what would be SuperM debut worldwide.

Netizens have not been long in coming and have commented that reaching the success of BTS is practically impossible. In addition, they have indicated that reaching their own achievements is the main thing about wanting to be equal to another boy band. Thus, there is no doubt that SuperM might have an extremely difficult path in the face of a path that has already been traveled by one of the most successful groups of all time.