Baekhyun Becomes SuperM's Leader, New Group Details Revealed

Cristian García
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In recent days, the world of K-pop has been loaded with a lot of news after the release of various teasers and news about SM Entertainment's new group, SuperM. This boy band would be made up of members of EXO, NCT, SHINEE, and WayV. Today, new information about said group was released and, in addition, there has been news that EXO's Baekhyun will be the leader of this group.

Baekhyun Becomes SuperM's Leader, New Group Details Revealed

All the conversation about the new leader of SuperM would have occurred between all the members of said group, who would be voting to choose the person who will lead and take care of them at all times. In the beginning, he had given himself the name of SHINEE's Taemin, although he himself had rejected that honor. In this way, Baekhyun would have been selected as the new leader of SuperM.

EXO's Baekhyun is chosen as the new leader of SuperM

The entire moment of voting to choose the leader of SuperM was given on a live broadcast by SHINEE's Taemin. Thus, the artist would have shared a special moment with his fans, being accompanied by each of the SuperM members. The live lasted for more than 20 minutes, although Twitter users were able to capture the moment where the votes were made.

In this way, Baekhyun would be the new leader of SuperM, having an extremely strong personality and the ability to take care of each of its members. Therefore, the fans of all these members of SuperM would be extremely happy for said announcement on social networks.

It should also be remembered that Baekhyun is one of the most professional vocalists and one of the most talented artists in the entire K-pop landscape. In addition, said idol has the quality of being the oldest in SuperM, which gives him the advantage of having a great experience as a protector and leader.

SuperM releases teaser video for TEN

A few days ago, SuperM revealed a new teaser showing the style that the renowned member Ten would take. Thus, the artist would show to have one of the most striking visuals in the entire K-pop scene. In addition, a small preview of what appears to be the main track of SuperM's debut album was released.

In this way, there is less and less time for SuperM to debut on October 4 with a topic that seems to be going to give a lot to talk about. It should be remembered that this boy band is supported by the famous music agency Capitol Records, who have placed all their hope in this group to achieve unmatched success worldwide.

Baekhyun Becomes SuperM's Leader, New Group Details Revealed