T-ARA's Ahreum reveals she will be a mother and announces wedding

Cristian García
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T-ara has been one of the most successful K-pop groups of all time. In this way, Ahreum, a member of said girl band, has always managed to talk about thanks to its wide popularity. That is why, her recent pregnancy announcement, has surprised the entire Korean society and K-pop community to such a fact that it has become the news of the moment in that country.

T-ARA's Ahreum reveals she will be a mother and announces wedding

Ahreum had announced that he would be getting married in February this year, although he had to postpone the wedding due to time and organization problems. Even so, the idol recently revealed that she would be pregnant with her fiancé and that she would be extremely excited to have her first child in a short time.

T-ARA's Ahreum announces pregnancy, K-pop community congratulates her

The famous Korean outlet, Happy Married Company, has revealed the first photos of what appears to be Ahreum's wedding. In this way, it would be revealed that the idol would be having a very proliferating personal life by getting married and having her first child in what appears to be this year.

Ahreum's pregnancy announcement was made on her Instagram account, where she left a letter openly expressing her happiness due to this incredible fact:

My dear! He didn't know if he should write a letter like this. A miracle has come into our lives! We cannot contain ourselves at this news, so I have decided to write this letter. A few days ago, while preparing everything for the wedding, my husband and I found out about my pregnancy. Because our baby came to us earlier than expected, we have decided to move our wedding forward to this October 20th. In this way we will give enormous attention to our baby as good parents that we are, in this way, we will make our child grow appropriately and healthy. In conclusion, I would like my child to see and feel a pure, clean and warm world. Please fill my whole life with warm and kind words, rather than aggressive behavior that can harm us and our child. PS: I admire all the mothers in the world.

Thus, Ahreum has given incredible news to the K-pop world after declaring that his son would be arriving soon. In this way, there is nothing left but to wish her an incredible motherhood and a wedding in heaven, which seem to give the artist great happiness.