Taeyeon and IU postpone their musical comebacks due to Sulli's death

Cristian García
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Taeyeon and IU, two of the biggest K-pop artists, have postponed their musical comebacks to spend a moment of mourning following the news of Sulli's passing. It must be remembered that both singers were great friends of the artist, which is why they would be going through extremely complicated and sad moments in their lives.

Taeyeon and IU postpone their musical comebacks due to Sulli's death

The news was announced by the agencies of both artists, who postponed the recent musical premieres of both artists. In this way, Taeyeon and IU would join the extensive community of K-pop idols, who would be canceling all their activities this week to pay tribute to Sulli, an artist loved by many people in the K-pop community.

Sulli's best friends Taeyeon and IU postpone their musical comebacks due to artist's death

SM Entertainment was one of the first agencies to make such an official statement, announcing that all of their artists will halt their musical activities to pay tribute to Sulli's passing:

The release of Taeyeon's next album, Vol. 02 Purpose, which was expected to be released on October 15, will be released after the artist confirms the new schedule. We ask Taeyeon's fans for deep appreciation and consideration for this decision.

Taeyeon and Sulli were great friends, becoming so before their debuts in the music industry. The two singers shared a room while training to start their musical careers, and also maintained a close relationship since they started as members of f (x) and Girls' Generation.

IU's agency Kakaok M has also announced that they would be postponing the artist's return until further notice:

We will be discontinuing all pre-release promotional content for IU's 5th mini album, Love Poem. We will make a new statement announcing the artist's new musical agenda and any other type of news in this regard. Likewise, we ask the fans, who have been waiting a long time for the release of the new album, to take this decision into consideration. Furthermore, we express our sincere condolences to Sulli and hope she rests in peace.

Thus, the entire K-pop community would be in mourning at this tragic news. Therefore, the death of Sulli would be marking, negatively, a crucial moment in this industry. Many people have already criticized the poor measures taken by the South Korean authorities to protect their artists from all kinds of negative comments on social media, including the constant harassment that Sulli had to go through.