Taylor Swift and Joe Alwin together?

 Jender Milano
2 min read

In news that arose in an almost detective way, some fans of Taylor Swift say that the artist has an affair with Joe Alwin and the track say they find her in nothing less than in her last song. Apparently some phrases are really a play on words that leave loose clues to place some stones in the little that has been built in the media on that relationship.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwin together? – Showbiz – WebMediums

Taylor and Joe Alwin, if they have something they have been too careful, so although many affirm with total certainty that they are a couple, no one dared to make a single official confirmation or image that solidly demonstrates this relationship until the year In the past, however, they maintain silence and care in their treatment and relationship.

"My heart has been borrowed and yours has been blue / Everything is fine and ends well with you." From this phrase of his song Lovers that very few followers were able to meet in an exclusive meeting of the singer, some have begun to show the hidden meaning that speaks of a supposed relationship of the singer.

The most curious thing is that one of his fans left a comment with a clear hint about the meaning of the phrase of his song and Taylor Swift responded with a like in a few minutes, which has given much more to talk about the possibility of that the relationship between Taylor and Joe Alwin is real.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwin together? – Showbiz – WebMediums