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Taylor Swift published the short film "All TooWell", the theme based on her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal

Luis Rafael
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On November 11, the famous singer Taylor Swift delivered the re-recorded version of her collection "Red" and, a day later, released the short film "All Too Well", the melody that is based on inspired by her relationship with the renowned actor "Jake Gyllenhaal".

This small short film has a quite striking melody that makes you enter history, one of the best musical projects produced by the American singer. In addition, it portrays one of the most painful relationships he suffered, which is why it means a lot to Taylor.

Taylor Swift published the short film "All TooWell", the theme based on her relationship with...
Taylor Swift published the short film "All Too Well", the animated theme for her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal

Who was part of the “All Too Weel” short film?

Noting that, the nearly 15-minute film, coordinated by the authentic Taylor Swift, stars Dylan O'Brien and "Sadie Sink" acting as the couple.

Both famous film actors did an excellent job throughout the short, recreating unique captivating scenes.

In "All Too Well" we see the peculiarity that there are only two actors, this was no coincidence, in fact, Taylor wanted it to be so that the love story that portrays the life of singer Taylor Swift.

After about 10 years, "All Too Well" and Jake Gyllenhaal move on the web following the genuine verses of the melody that Swift composed for his successful collection.

As it is remembered that, one of the huge shocks of "Red (Taylor's Version)" was the vault melodies that she formed quite a long time ago and were never important for the first material.

Taylor Swift's “All Too Well” is the first project in which the artist speaks directly about one of her ex

Singer Taylor Swift is better known for performing love songs, telling stories of romances and sometimes spite, therefore, it is very common for people to speculate by drawing conclusions that she talks about her ex-partners.

However, almost every time this was not entirely true, and the artist manifested herself in the media to deny said information during interviews. However, since the short film came out, everyone assimilates it with the film actor, and she has never denied it.

Despite the fact that Taylor Swift has never directly linked her former accomplices with her melodies, the loyal followers of the American singer often make numbers regarding the years and their romantic relationships.

To discover which is the collection that has been awakened by one of them. Consequently, the period of "Red" was for the most part related to the Hollywood star.

In the short film "All Too Well" we see how Sadie Sink (Taylor) and Dylan O'Brien (Jake) start a fantasy relationship, although the age contrast will create a blurry circumstance.

In her 20s, Taylor Swift began a relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, 29 at the time, a clear mark reflected in the new work coordinated by the mediator. Since, actress Sadie Sink is 19 years old and Dylan O'Brien 30 years old, it is something that everyone noticed at first.