Taylor Swift surprises with presentation of Lover at the MTV VMAs 2019

Cristian García
2 min read

Today the MTV VMAs 2019 were held, being one of the most anticipated events of that year. In this way, a series of awards given to the best of music would be held. In addition, it has also been possible to see the presence of a series of artists of great magnitude. One of them was Taylor Swift, who would be opening the award.

Taylor Swift surprises with presentation of Lover at the MTV VMAs 2019

Taylor Swift stunned by performing a two-track performance from her latest album Lover. Thus, he would be singing the famous singles You Need To Calm Down and Lover. The entire performance would be charged with a lot of emotion and an extremely deep message, which would leave the entire audience reflecting.

On the one hand, in You Need To Calm Down, he made a reflection of what would be the music video for that song, where he talks about respect for what is different. This refers to the fact that people from the LGBTQ + community, individuals from other cultures or those who have tastes different from ours must be taken equally.

After this, he would be singing his famous song Lover, which has become completely acclaimed by critics and the public. This single perfectly reflects the essence of the artist: stories of love stories that usually make everyone feel identified with them.

Unsurprisingly, Swift's performance was up to the mark and produced a standing ovation from the audience. In this way, the artist would be marking history in said awards where the best presentations in the entire history of the music industry have been held.

Taylor Swift recently released her album Lover, which managed to sell, on its first day, more than the first week of any other musical release in 2019. All this reflects that the artist continues to be considered one of the most important pop singers in the world the actuality.