The famous artist Silvio Rodríguez claims that he will donate the money collected from concerts in Spain

Luis Rafael
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The Letric Artist Silvio Rodríguez guaranteed that he will deliver the money collected in the nearby shows in Spain, after the analysis of the Cuban pariah who called for boycotting the presentations.

"Both the emblematic cost of the show for the centenary of the PCE and the one we will do in the center W, and surprisingly the part corresponding to the leon scholarship will be delivered by medals for Cuba", said Rodríguez on his blog second appointment.

The artist Silvio Rodríguez makes a trip to Madrid to sing in the Communist Party of Spain

Silvio Rodríguez Travel to Madrid to sing in the century of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). The Cuban will act on Sunday, September 26 at the end of the occasion, with a "Spectacle of Fortaleza, which can be attended by buying a two euros entry" Detashed the nearby press.

The money will be allocated to ventures of the dicuba state organization S.A., "to send medicines and cleaning material to Cuban clinics"

The artisan, a public protector of the Havana system, will give another huge show on October 2 at the Wizink Center in Madrid, a theater with a limit with respect to the huge number of people. Tickets for the presentation of Rodríguez cost more than 220 euros per person.

Silvio Rodríguez in Spain: The containment

The famous artist Silvio Rodríguez claims that he will donate the money collected from concerts...

Since the end of August, Cuban pariahs in Spain have challenged the shows of Silvio Rodríguez, and have requested the Community of Madrid to proclaim the singer "persona non grata" for his "support for the autocracy" in Cuba.

"People who hold and promote the Silvio show must understand that the free Cubans do not need it. That is why we will convene show" said Lázaro Mireles, an animator of the concentration actions for democracy.

The Cuban scriptwriter Norberto González described Rodríguez as a" Caraeguante, who in him [diary] Granma said lately:'A barricaded Cuba would simply be the opportunity to be and show us as we are'... come to Spain (Without getting fit!) To put a ticket in the pocket and a separate Cuban worker can not go to Russia to bring pieces for your legitimate vehicle arrangement "

A call to leave the Wizink Center show, advanced in by Soimi Ginarte Cabrera, says Rodríguez" He has often betrayed most of the Cuban public "and has been located" in favor of the Cuban tyranny "

"Open a way in place in Spain, in Europe, anywhere on the planet is, today as ever before, belittled that we recognize the socialist tyranny of Cuba in its structure'imaginative'Lauren Conte, a Cuban artist and musical educator, destroyed the banners who advanced the Rodríguez show on October 2.

"Look at this, look! (...) Very bald is the thing that is (...) [by] come to charge" said the pianist, bearish and instructor while breaking the special banner, in a video published in his stories of Instagram"In addition, each banner that passed above, (...) [the] break and for scrap", guaranteed the organizer of the Lauren Music Academy and bassist of the metal band Healing Sequenz.