The new productions of HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video that premiere this week

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American streaming platforms are recomposing themselves from their content purge, as managers clean up the interfaces of a host of series and movies.

The new productions of HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video that premiere this week
The new productions of HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video that premiere this week.

As a result of this, they are making an effort to publish new streaming productions to attract the attention of subscribers.

Therefore, the entertainment companies decided to publish their new content schedule that they will be distributing throughout the second week of August. Among the most successful titles are: The final seasons of 'Sherlock', the mythical fiction series 'Misfits' and 'Dota: Blood of the Dragon'.

The best streaming series and movies that premiere from August 8 to 14, 2022

Next, we are going to offer the new details of the next premieres of 'HBO Max', 'Netflix', 'Prime Video' and 'Disney' that will debut this week of August.

1. 'Misfits'

The series ' Misfits ' is one of the most successful series in recent years, with a community of followers that exceeds 4 million viewers waiting for its return to streaming. The production was created by 'Howard Overman' and starred 'Joseph Gilgun', 'Natasha O'Keeffe' and 'Karla Crome'.

1. ‘Misfits’ temporada 1

The story reveals the lives of a group of people: 'Kelly', 'Nathan', 'Alisha', 'Simpon' and 'Curtis' who have something in common, they committed crimes and are paying community service. Soon they are forced to live together to carry out their social tasks and they will realize that their personalities collide with each other.

However, one day everything will change for them after a lightning strike that ended up hitting them and far from killing them, gave them special abilities. It should be noted that these skills do not help them at all, rather they create difficulties between them and will bring out the deepest insecurities and doubts.

The premiere of all seasons of ' Misfits ' will be streaming for the first time on August 13, 2022 through HBO Max.

2. 'Sherlock'

The English fiction and crime production ' Sherlock ' has become one of the most controversial novelties this week, since it will be premiering its new season.

The series was written and directed by showrunner 'Steven Moffat' and stars 'Benedict Cumberbatch', 'Martin Freeman' and 'Amanda Abbington'. 2. 'Sherlock'

The plot recounts the historical exploits of the famous detective from the city of London 'Sherlock Holmes', considered the best professional in criminal operations. The series will reveal each of the facets of the man, from his beginnings to becoming the best detective of all time.

In addition, it also reveals the best moments of 'Sherlock' with 'Dr. John Watson', who after returning from his war in Afghanistan settled back in London to form a research team with 'Holmes'. As we go through the episodes we will observe the insight and cunning that both will develop as colleagues.

The premiere of all seasons of the series 'Sherlock', will be arriving from August 11, 2022 through HBO Max.

3. 'Dota: Dragonborn'

' Dota: Blood of the Dragon ' is the title of the new series inspired by the strategy and science fiction game, which has managed to attract the attention of 1 million people in less than a year.

The production was created by 'Ashley Edward Miller' and stars 'Yuri Lowenthal', 'Anson Mount' and 'Kari Wahlgren'. 3. 'Dota: Dragonborn'

The story is based on and set in the universe of the computer video game 'Dota 2' which is considered one of the best role-playing games. Follow the life of 'Davion', a renowned Dragon Knight who has increased his renown by his prowess in battle. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies in the area.

'Davion' set himself the goal of eradicating evil from all over the world, killing all the opponents of his kingdom and forging alliances to increase his troops. During his journeys he will meet the powerful 'Eldwurm' and the princess 'Mirana' who has a secret fortress that he will use as a base of operations.

The premiere of the fourth season of " Dota: Blood of the Dragon " will arrive on Netflix from August 11, 2022.

4. 'I am Groot'

The new animated series ' I am Groot ' is one of the most anticipated in recent months, since the premiere of the recent installment of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. The production and direction is carried out by the showrunner 'Kirsten Lepore' and the cast is starring 'Vin Diesel' in the first season. 4. 'I am Groot'

The story will follow the life of Marvel's 'Groot', best known as the hero who uses the power of plants to fight. This series will serve as a Spin-off where we will see new villains, settings and adventures of 'Groot', we will know the deepest secrets and mysteries about it.

At the beginning we will observe how were the beginnings of his life and his foray into the space superhero industry. As the episodes go by, they will explain the different stages of their lives until they meet 'Rocket', 'Star Lord' and the rest of their friends.

The new action and animation series will be streaming from August 10, 2022 on Disney +.

5. 'The Transporter 3'

' Transporter 3 ' is the final filming of one of the most epic trilogies in the film industry, based on a story of extreme action and survival.

The action movie was created and written by American filmmaker 'Olivier Megaton' and stars 'Jason Statham', 'Natalya Rudakova' and 'Robert Knepper'. 5. 'The Transporter 3'

The story begins 'Frank Martin', a risky man and weapons expert who works as a delivery man for high-risk deliveries. During one of his contracts he is forced to deliver (under strict threat of death) two imposing packages and a young girl from the Ukraine from the outskirts of 'Marseille' to 'Odessa'.

At first the man begins to make his journey and wants to go as fast as possible to avoid legal inconveniences. However, over time he begins to suspect about the contents of the package and the origin of the girl. Frank has little information and believes that he has been set up.

The action tape ' El transporter 3 ' will be coming to streaming for the first time on August 12, 2022 on Disney +.

6. 'Transporter Legacy'

The science fiction and thriller film ' Transporter Legacy ' is one of the favorites for lovers of adrenaline and tension, which has caused great impact for several years.

It was created and directed by the British showrunner 'Luc Besson'. Starring 'Ed Skrein', 'Ray Stevenson' and 'Loan Chabanol'. 6. 'Transporter Legacy'

In this new version, we see a different 'Frank Martin', the most reckless mercenary and driver of all, who is never afraid to lose his life to complete a mission. However, the man is governed by his own principles: no questions, no renegotiations and no names.

During his most dangerous and complicated delivery, he will meet a woman named 'Anna', who is a femme leader of a group of kidnappers and assailants. Both discover that they have the same objectives and will join forces to end a mafia that traffics Russian people and has 'Frank's' father kidnapped.

The filming premiere ' Transporter Legacy ' will debut in the small screen industry on August 13, 2022.

7. 'Locke & Key'

The most anticipated fiction and thriller series by subscribers of the big 'N' platform is called ' Locke & Key ', which premiered its final trailer a couple of days ago. The production was created by screenwriter 'Joe Hill' and the cast is headed by 'Darby Stanchfield', 'Connor Jessup' and 'Emilia Jones'.

7. ‘Locke & Key’

The story is centered on the renowned 'Locke' family, who live in a luxurious mansion located in one of the most elegant areas of the city. With the passing of time, each of the children in the family grew up and took their own path. However, the unexpected death of their father made them return to the mansion.

The brothers together again 'Tyler', 'Kinsey' and 'Bode' will do everything possible to collect clues and hidden clues about their father's secrets. A few days later the family discovers a magical lead that gives them the possibility of entering their thoughts, their souls and separating their spirits from their bodies.

The new season of ' Locke and Key ' will be available on Netflix from August 10, 2022.

8. 'I just killed my father'

' I just killed my father ' is the new documentary series inspired by a 'true crime' that will leave all viewers who watch it frozen. The docuseries is created and directed by the British showrunner 'Steven Gillis' and features performances by 'Marta Miles', Jessica Parker and 'Jack Morrison'.

8. ‘Acabo de matar a mi padre’

The docuseries focuses on the life of the 17-year-old 'Anthony Temple', who was guilty of one of the most heinous crimes of recent times. The young boy called the police to notify them that he had murdered his father 'Burt'. One of the most tragic moments of his life.

In the first fragment, "Anthony" trusts his crime and emphasizes that he shot his father in the back in self-defense, but the investigations continued to confirm the facts. Over time, the investigative authorities reveal that the crime was premeditated and his father was not a good person at all.

The premiere of the new Netflix original docuseries will be arriving from August 9, 2022.

9. 'Without you I can't'

The drama and love movie ' Without you I can't ' marked its premiere on the big screen a few months ago and will be arriving in the streaming industry in the coming days.

The film was created and written by 'Chus Gutierrez'. The cast is headed by 'Maite Perroni', 'Mauricio Ochmann' and 'Alfonso Bassave'.

9. ‘Sin ti no puedo’

The filming is centered on 'David', an executive businessman who has an excellent life of luxury together with his partner 'Alex', who is a muscular gym instructor. 'Alex' has always had in mind the idea of starting a family and having children, but the options they have are: surrogate motherhood and adoption.

On the other hand, even though 'David' is a very wealthy person and doesn't care about spending, he doesn't share the same excitement as his boyfriend about having babies. One night, the burly gym instructor receives an unexpected visitor at his home, from his boyfriend's sister who hides a dark past.

It turns out that she was thrown in prison as a drug addict for starting a fire that caused the deaths of her parents. But now, she is clean and willing to do whatever she can to win back the only family she has left and win back her brother's trust.

The premiere of ' Without you I can not ' will be coming to Prime video on August 12.

10. 'League Of Their Own'

' League Of Their Own ' is the new historical series that chronicles one of the most controversial moments in the history of sports in the 20th century. The miniseries was directed and written by filmmaker 'Will Graham'. The cast is headed by 'Abbi Jacobson', 'Chanté Adams' and 'D'Arcy Carden'.

10. ‘League Of Their Own’

The story is a comedy that is centered on the first professional women's baseball league, in the United States in 1943. It follows a group of young women who achieved fame as baseball players over the course of their careers, until they managed to form the 'League Of Their Own' which was shocking for the time.

The problems and complications come after the arrival of World War II, all male athletes had to go to war and the sport fell on the shoulder of the women's league. From that moment on, women became the only hope of North American baseball.

The premiere of the 'League Of Their Own: Season 1' will be coming to the small screen on August 14, 2022 on Prime Video.