Today James Hetfield turns 56, lead singer and guitarist of Metallica

Cristian García
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The famous lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the highly acclaimed rock band Metallica, James Hetfield, would be turning 56 today, marking an iconic date for the music community. In this way, today would be a great holiday for the considered one of the best guitarists of all time.

Today James Hetfield turns 56, lead singer and guitarist of Metallica

Fetfield was born on August 3, 1963 in California, United States. All his childhood he lived in the bosom of a quite religious and traditional family, which meant that he suppressed his desire to be a singer and to generate controversy with his songs and musical styles that today are considered the most important works of rock.

At the age of 13, Hetfield experienced a very strong moment in his life, after being abandoned by his biological father. In this way, he would be becoming the man of the family, which would place a great burden of responsibility on him.

After this event, at the age of 16, Hetfield had to see his mother die from cancer, which she did not want to treat professionally due to her faithful belief in religion. This would suppose a radical change in the way of thinking of Hetfield, who would begin to question the religions and the true existence of God.

James Hetfield began playing in bands for nothing outstanding, initiating his foray into music from his teens. His most notable band before Metallica was Leather Charm, which played mainly at parties and with which he even recorded a demo.

The entire start of Metallica came after an advertisement in a magazine called Recycler, which was looking to form a new band. In this way, Lars Ulrich, Metallica drummer, was the one who published said announcement and managed to contact Cliff Burton, Kirk Hammet and Hetfield to form, once and for all, one of the greatest rock bands.

At present, Metallica is the most influential and famous band in modern rock, being considered the greats of this genre. Despite the passing of the years, this band continues to sound in all parts of the world and continues to reap unbeatable success both commercially and in terms of music critics.