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Tokischa was attacked for promoting misogyny in the song "Perra" with J Balvin

Luis Rafael
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A few days ago the melody "Perra" performed by Tokischa and J Balvin was released, which was published on September 7, and which has given much to talk about, both for its verses and for the video itself.

Surprisingly YouTube had to take care of removing the video from its platform, we can only listen to the audio format of the song.

It has been excessively questioned in such a way that even the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, described the melody as "misogynistic and macho."

Tokischa was attacked for promoting misogyny in the song "Perra" with J Balvin
Tokischa was attacked for promoting misogyny in the song "Perra" with J Balvin

How does the chorus of the song "Perra" by Tokischa and J Balvin say?

Next, we are going to show the chorus of the song for which the singer Tokischa was heavily criticized for promoting misogyny.

"I am a hot bitch, I am looking for a dog to stay glued, Hey, you are a hot bitch, Who is looking for a dog to stay glued, I am a hot dog."

Tokischa claims to be the composer of the song "Perra" with the collaboration of J Balvin

The lyrics of this song were written by the urban singer Tokischa, she was in charge of writing this song that has caused a great impact on women.

The Dominican spoke on W Radio with journalist Daniel Coronell and guaranteed that what she wanted to transmit with the verses was a form of expression for the ladies, for her part, she feels very free about her sexuality and wanted to transmit that in her theme.

However, I totally achieve the opposite, since thousands of women have been offended when they hear how he promotes misogyny in his verses.

The artist had the goal of promoting female empowerment in her style, in the way that she feels most imposing, but not all girls think that this is the right way to express themselves.

Tokischa defended himself against criticism for his song

"I am a woman and I have always expressed myself this way... I have known women who are more private with their sexuality, more serious, who have approached me in the course of my life, since before I was known, and they have told me : 'I would like to be a bitch, just like you'. The woman deep down wants to feel bitchy, sensual. Every woman is different, and she feels like a bitch differently", said the rapper on W.

He also added: “A woman is a good bitch because she brings bread home, because she educates her children well, because she is a woman who honors herself by working. This is different, it is simply the interpretation of what I am giving. I am an artist and I express what I feel, what I fantasize about. There is always going to be a positive, negative review. I express what already exists”.

Thus, Tokischa ended his interview clarifying his opinion about the criticism of his song together with J Balvin.