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The controversy between J Balvin and Residente continues through social networks

Luis Rafael
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Residente sent one more message to J Balvin after their disputed exchange this week. As shown in the previous one, Residente addressed the Medellín reggaeton directly through an IGTV that he published on his Instagram account on Saturday night.

This time, Residente refers to the clothing and product line that Balvin disclosed in their organizations, highlighting the Hot Dogs, a term used by René Pérez Joglar, Residente's given name, in his discharge after Balvin's blacklist against the Latin Grammy.

The controversy between J Balvin and Residente continues through social networks

Resident: "There is Honesty and Loyalty"

"Jose, I saw that you uploaded a merch, as if you were the most capo. I am interested in people knowing the type of person you are. Do not be scared because I am not going to throw you, because we talk about it and I am a man of my word unlike you", Residente begins to attack Balvin.

"First tell your old man that instead of comparing yourself to the economist Peter Ducker, or whatever his name is, as if you were an economics genius, tell him to teach you values, because not everything in life is business. Not everything in life it is money. Money is important, it is necessary... But not everything is that, there is also honesty, loyalty, "said Residente.

The Puerto Rican refers to the comment that Álvaro Osorio Gofar, Balvin's father, left in the post in which he reported his new product. He expressed: "Do not harass a genius who, feeling attacked, draws out his arsenal of intelligence. Peter Drucker said. Good that josecito"

The controversy between J Balvin and Residente continues through social networks

"There are the codes of the street, speak up front. Have compassion for others," added Residente, before giving subtleties of the telephone discussion that he claims to have had with the Colombian, and that CNN has not had the option to freely affirm.

In the first video, in which Residente says that Balvin's music is identical to that of a Hot Dog cart, Balvin responded with: "🙏 I RESPECT YOUR OPINION 🙏".

"You left me like eight messages on WhatsApp telling me false and on the networks you write to me. I respect your opinion. What could be more false to write me a p ***** on WhatsApp and in front of people make yourself the best. I am the same on the networks that in front of you, with my thousand mistakes, with my impulsivities that get me into trouble every time, but at least I am real, I am me, I am honest, I am a single person, not twenty different people like you, "said Residente.

According to Residente, he and Balvin agreed to delete their gifts and not transfer much more on the matter. The day after the discussion, Balvin posted a photo on Instagram in front of a hot dog truck, which he used to advance his new remix track with Sech and Daddy Yankee, "Sal y perrea."

The resident artist mentions that with this Balvin broke his claim.

CNN reached out to Universal Music, the name of Balvin's label, for additional comment on this discussion, but they declined to comment.

How did this discussion between Residente and Balvin start?

Balvin released two tweets on Tuesday, September 28, in which he said that the Latin Recording Academy, the Latin Grammys, did not estimate the artists of the metropolitan classification.

"They don't like us, but they need us. We give them evaluations and they don't give us consideration," Balvin said in the now deleted tweets.

The analysis came hours after the Latin Grammys revealed the nominees for the 22nd version of the awards.

After a day, agents of the metropolitan classification, such as Yotuel and Residente, reacted with two recordings in which they condemned Balvin's words against the Latin Grammy Awards.

Both Yotuel and Residente deleted the videos they had posted. Yotuel said in a later video — which was also deleted — that he decided to delete the main recording after a discussion he had with the Colombian.

Residente let Balvin know that his music was comparable to a sausage truck and that he did not have the ability to compose.

"Let me explain, so you understand: your music is like a hot dog cart, which many people or almost everyone may like. But when those people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant and that restaurant he is the one who earns the Michelin stars, "said Residente. Resident said.

"So if you want to be nominated, you have to stop making hot dogs and open a restaurant. Or you can also make a hot dog good hij *****, like this with kobe beef, I don't know and a good c ** bread **... The point is, José, if you don't have a pencil, you have to lower it by 20, "the Puerto Rican concluded.