TWICE mine is removed from the stage due to emotional problems

Cristian García
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JYP, agency of TWICE, has confirmed yesterday that Mine will temporarily withdraw from the stages due to strong problems of anxiety and insecurity who is presenting the artist on the stage. At the moment, the causes of this suffering for which the idol lives are unknown.

TWICE mine is removed from the stage due to emotional problems

In the statements given by JYP, it has also been mentioned that Mina will not be participating in the next TWICE world tour, "TWICELIGHTS ". All this is due to the artist's need to treat her emotional problems and rest. This decision was supported by the entire agency and by the members of this "girlband":

Hello, we are JYP. This is an announcement about Mina's health status. Currently, Mina is fighting against the sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity to act on stage. An exact diagnosis has not yet been identified, and we are consulting with several medical professionals to verify the cause in detail. After an extensive discussion with Mina and the members of TWICE, we have decided that the current condition of her requires additional treatment, professional measures and sufficient rest. Along with this decision, she will not attend the following event: - TWICE World Tour 2019 "TWICELIGHTS" The health of our artist is our main priority, so we will do everything possible to provide the best possible measures, including medical treatment and sufficient rest for the recovery of Mina. We ask for the sincere support of the fans, so he can recover soon. Thank you.

In the last TWICE event, held on July 7, apart from Mina, Dahyun could not participate either. jYP indicated that the latter had health problems, although they did not specify what kind of problems they were. Even so, Dahyun will participate in the "Twice World Tour 2019 "

TWICE is a South Korean girlband formed by 9 members. It debuted in october 2015 with its theme "Like Ooh-Ahh", becoming an immediate success. In this way, this girlband managed to continue with singles just as successful as "Likey", "What Is Love " "Fancy ".