Victoria Beckham enters a clinic to detoxify

Arachely Perez
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The businesswoman and wife of David Beckham enter a luxurious clinic detoxification in Germany.

Victoria Beckham enters a clinic to detoxify – Showbiz – WebMediums

Victoria Beckham has left a few days of the media and family to enter a detoxification clinic in Germany, far from what I could imply, does not consume narcotic substances or need medical treatment, but has decided to disconnect from stress the newspaper that surrounds it all the time.

He has opted for nothing more and nothing less than for a luxurious center of Germany to rehabilitate and relax your body and mind. It should be noted that the ex spice girl is subjected to a lot of stress and a life without a rest, this has been reason why the designer has decided to take some time and disconnect from the daily stress that surrounds her.

In addition to this also as a consequence of the last conflict that occurred and the statements of her husband david Beckham expressing how difficult it is to remain married to Victoria, they have hurt the singer.

Among the activities offered by the luxurious clinic where the cheapest room is 19,000 euros a day offers beauty and emotional treatments, fitness, detox among many other treatments.

Its facilities give off tranquility and is an ideal place to relax.

Victoria Beckham enters a clinic to detoxify – Showbiz – WebMediums

The singer has spent days crying, apparently her husband made a statement as we had previously mentioned where it was sincere "For a marriage to last as long as ours, it is always necessary to work very hard. And every year that passes it's getting harder and harder to stay married to Victoria. " expressed the ex-soccer player according to gather diverse means.

Some statements that apparently did not sit well with the businesswoman, close sources assure The Sunwhat:"She has no idea why he would say such insensitive things and publicly embarrass her in this way. It was broken and he spent the next two days crying "

Perhaps this situation was also due to the confrontation he had with his former teammates before their imminent reunion. The event took place in London when the 5 singers met (Mel B, Geri Horner, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Victoria) to talk about her possible return to the stage, apparently Victoria threatened her former classmates and said she would sue them if they generated money without her on the tour. As expected, the reactions did not take long and Mel B was one of the toughest that even came to insult her according to The sun.