what's wrong with Irina Shayk and Bradley?

Apparently the couple is not going through its best moment.

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Strong rumors have been unleashed that the couple would be going through a delicate moment in their relationship, after seeing themselves last Tuesday in a somewhat sad and distant restaurant.

The couple has been together for more than three years and they have a beautiful girl, the fruit of their love. Nearby sources assure that the rupture is very close, a few weeks ago several witnesses who were in the restaurant (Masa, center time Warner de NY) claim they were not seen happy.

Apparently it was a casual dinner, he was wearing a sweatshirt and she was not wearing makeup. This dinner has given a lot to talk about as the tension was perceived, according to a witness who was in the place they did not talk to each other, while they were having dinner in a moment she looked to the side and he was completely silent.

So far there are no rumors of rupture.

sometimes we think that the world of artists and great celebrities is completely perfect or very different from the real world, even if famous couples have their problems and disagreements in my humble opinion.

Maybe it was a sad day for them or exhausting for their work in any case we hope that they are only rumors and misunderstood.

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¿Que sucede con Irina Shayk y Bradley?
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