Benzema's response when asked about Mbappé and his possible arrival at Real Madrid

German Centeno
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Benzema's response when asked about Mbappé and his possible arrival at Real Madrid
Benzema celebrating a goal

The French and Real Madrid striker has spoken about the future of his teammate Mbappé and has also carried out an analysis of the moment his team is going through, as well as its present and future. Some of the most important questions from the interviews were the following:

Will Mbappé play for the Whites one day?

Karin Benzema : "He said it himself, he wants to see something else, I am sure that one day he will play for Real Madrid, not yet anytime, but I am sure it will be soon. It's all about time".

If I have a 40% chance of scoring a goal and Mbappé has 60%, I will play for him.

What do you think of Camavinga?

Karin Benzema : I did not know him in particular, he is barely eighteen years old, he is a player who can progress in his position, he has a lot of contact with Modric, Casemiro and Kroos.

What do you think of Real Madrid? No stars have arrived yet!

Despite the fact that they have not hired an elite footballer, the French Benzema continues to trust the potential that Real Madrid has, to this he replied the following:

“Real continues to be the best club in the world. We are in a moment of reconstruction, it is a new football, a new generation is coming, new players, new systems and ways of playing. It is for this reason that the club is investing a lot in young people so that one day they will become great footballers. I am here to support and help them, I talk a lot with them, I want them to improve, when you help to improve others, you improve the team, and you get a lot of self-satisfaction for it".

Have you weighed on wearing the team captain's tape?

The Madrid forward has ensured that being captain does not cause him any particular pressure, likewise, he makes it clear that he likes to play collectively and if he has to stop scoring to assist another teammate, he does so.

Benzema now has twelve seasons in the white team, has won four Champions League.

Do you feel at the height of a legend like Zidane?

Karin Benzema : I will never be able to compare myself to him or even speak of having the same level as him. I have a lot of respect for Zidane and for Ronaldo. The only thing I can do is learn from what you both did. With Zidane, I understand myself perfectly, we still talk a lot, he always tries to help me. I will never be able to say that I am equivalent to Zidane at the club, I think that is unthinkable.

Do you think you should take care of yourself much more now because of your age?

Karin Benzema : The years go by, and now you have to take better care of yourself, so as soon as I finish a game I go into cold water for at least five minutes. The next day I try to get some rest, jogging, weight training, and physical exercises to keep up.

Is the golden ball an obsession for you?

Karin Benzema : When you are ambitious you have to think about it. It is important to want to improve yourself, but you do not have to obsess over something, those things can lead you to only want to shine and score goals only you. You have to win it for who you are, for what you show on the field, for how you help the team, simply for how you are.