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Diego Simeone becomes the foreign coach with the most wins in LaLiga history

Despite having one of the most difficult starts to years as coach of Atlético Madrid, he breaks a new record

Cesar Romero
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Diego Simeone becomes the foreign coach with the most wins in LaLiga history
Diego Simeon.

The coach, a native of Argentina, has been left out of the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey at the same time that the chances of fighting for the league are fading.

But Simeone's role in the mattress team exceeds the latest unfortunate results. He has several national and international titles to his credit, more than any coach who has passed through the red and white house.

The 'Cholo' Simeone has been a fundamental figure, not only in Atlético, but in the history of football in Spain and LaLiga.

The win over Getafe not only gave Simeone and his team three golden points, it also placed him in history as the foreign coach with the most wins in LaLiga, with 235 victories.

Breaking the record of the 1957 mattress coach, Ferdinand Daucick, Simeone is part of the history of Atlético Madrid.

With more than ten years on the mattress bench, there is no doubt that he is a winner. He has managed to shape the attitude and the 'claw' of a team that had lost prominence in the Spanish league at the beginning of the 2000s.

Not even the iconic Luis Aragonés achieved as many achievements with Atlético as Simeone has. Although he has not yet achieved the same number of directed games that Aragonés had, he has broken records with 330 wins in 559 games.

In addition to this, the Wanda Metropolitano showed its support and applause for the Argentine coach before the agonizing and key victory over Getafe, Simeone continues to be a key player in the rojiblanco team.

The changes he made in the second half of the game, where he took Joao Feliz, Hermoso and De Paul (the three protagonists of the goal that gave them the victory) onto the field are decisions that make the 'Cholo' continue at the top as one of the best coaches in the world.