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Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United

German Centeno
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Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United – Sports
Salah commands Liverpool's win at Old Trafford

This Sunday, Liverpool provided Manchester United with a historic win at Old Trafford, a score that ended 0-5, creating a tense situation at the Theater of Dreams. This time Cristiano Ronaldo could not save his team from another defeat.

The red devils continue without showing good football, the positive results continue to cost them and this is how in this new day of the Premier League they have been crushed in their own stadium. The stadium was practically full of fans who wanted to see this great match.

However, almost half an hour to finish the commitment and Manchester United losing by 5 goals, the public began to leave Old Trafford, very helpless and unable to believe what they were seeing.

One of Manchester United's worst game

Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United – Sports
Cristiano Ronaldo can't believe his home win

Without a doubt this has been one of the lowest quality matches of the Red Devils, Pogba ended up being sent off after making a rather chilling innings, Cristiano Ronaldo became desperate and filled with impotence that he got into a brawl where he could be sent off.

After a series of bad games and negative results, all the lights are on the club's coach, Norwegian Solkjaer, who has been rumored about his continuity under the team's command.

On the other hand, Liverpool, who has one of the best players in the world, Salah, has had an exceptional match, who is in one of his best moments and has scored three goals in this unforgettable afternoon for him and Liverpool, who they are now one point behind the Premier League leaders, Chelsea.

Last hat-trick at Old Trafford

Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United – Sports
Salah's Hat Trick at Old Trafford

The last player to score a treble at this Manchester United stadium had been Ronaldo Nazario, Real Madrid forward at the time, so you have to go back in time to remember the last treble there.

An alarmed result, because after 50 minutes of games Salah had three goals and Liverpool 5 goals, everything indicated that this number of goals would increase after missing 30 minutes or more of the game, which clearly caused that at least half of those present they will leave the Theater of Dreams angry at the terrible defeat.

This nightmare began with a great shot by Keita, then with a shot inside the small area by Diogo Jota and ended with all three by Salah, who was very fast, who once again made a great game, just as he did in Wanda against Atlético de Madrid.

With this triplet, Salah reaches his fourth hat trick with Liverpool. Likewise, this is not the first time that this club has won at Old Trafford by 5 goals to zero, since by the years 1936 it had already achieved it.

The impotence of Manchester United after falling humiliated at home

Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United – Sports
Ronaldo loses his cool and falls into despair

No team likes to lose at home and less in a humiliating way in front of their audience, what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo and company today. The impotence of the Solskjaer team, who has more than one foot out of the team right now, began with the expulsion of Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman was not a starter, entering at the beginning of the second half when Manchester United were already losing 0-4 and only spent fifteen minutes on the field of play, when he would be sent off for a wild tackle against Keita, who would be injured. From that moment on, the red devils spiraled out of control.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a goal disallowed at minute 52 when they were already losing 0-5, which could have been the discount and the hope of a historic comeback, but the truth is that the Portuguese was also out of control and almost could have been sent off, a play where he only received a yellow card.

Liverpool humiliates Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United – Sports
The Portuguese creates a brawl in the meeting