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Lucas' case gets complicated and Bayern loses patience

German Centeno
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Lucas' case gets complicated and Bayern loses patience – Sports – WebMediums
Lucas could be in jail next Thursday

The Spanish justice has not yet given an exact date for the decision on the appeal of the Bayern player, Lucas Hernández, who could have a custody under pressure, which is scheduled for next Thursday. However, as no exact procedure is known, the Germans seem to lose patience.

A German news agency known as DPA has spoken with the judges of the Provincial Court of Madrid, who are responsible for the case, this has been confirmed by the spokesman for the judicial administration to the aforementioned German news agency.

This is how it has been announced that information on a concise date will not be available until next Tuesday, although they do not rule out that it may be next Wednesday afternoon.

Bayern lose patience

Lucas' case gets complicated and Bayern loses patience – Sports – WebMediums
A day of many nerves awaits the German club

Clearly this is news that makes Germany club Bayern Munich very nervous, as the decision will be known almost until the last moment.

In the event that the court does not rule on the appeal quickly, then the French player Lucas Hernández, a former Atlético de Madrid player, will have to serve a six-month prison sentence.

This sentence would begin to serve this next Thursday, for what seems to be a very short time, thus increasing the nerves of the player, club and French team, where it only remains to wait for the court to rule on this case.

A case that comes from 2019

Lucas' case gets complicated and Bayern loses patience – Sports – WebMediums
You are charged with domestic violence

Said sentence was placed in 2019 because Lucas Hernández had ignored the ban on contact imposed in 2017 after a violent discussion with his future wife.

That is how last Monday the 25-year-old French player was officially informed by the Criminal Court number 32 of Madrid, where he was told that they had to initiate his six-table detention within 10 days.

In this way, the world champion in 2018, who passed from Atlético de Madrid to Bayern Munich in Germany two years ago and who was bought with a record price of 80 million euros, could be entering Madrid jail next Thursday, in order to serve a six-month sentence.

Time is still advancing and in Germany everyone is wondering if the next matches against Hoffenheim for the league and Monchengladback for the cup, could be the last two games that the Frenchman plays in the coming months, taking into account that he will have to serve this sentence.

Its deadline expires on October 28, 2021, the player's lawyers have filed an appeal to which no answer is yet known, so Lucas Hernández hopes they will accept it. In the event that the prison sentence persists, Hernández cannot serve the sentence abroad.

This means that he will not be able to remain imprisoned in Germany, but will have to return to the Spanish capital to serve his sentence. In the worst case, both for the French player and his club Bayern Munich, Lucas would be out until April 2022.

For the moment, the Bayern Munich team can do nothing but wait or at least this is what sports director Hasan Salihamidzic made known: "We cannot comment on the matter, it is a private matter. We hope that the authorities Spanish do everything possible for a good result for Lucas. "

A rather complicated matter for Lucas

Lucas' case gets complicated and Bayern loses patience – Sports – WebMediums
It could be out of the courts until April 2022

So far, everything indicates that the player's situation is quite complicated and that the chances are high that his request will be denied.

It all started in 2017, when the player, who at the time was an Atlético de Madrid player, was accused of the physical dispute with the ban on contact after he and his girlfriend had argued violently in the street.

At that time, Lucas Hernández was forced to provide community service and had a six-month rapprochement for domestic violence, the player would fail to comply with both requests of the Spanish justice.

Shortly after the discussion, the couple reconciled and went on vacation together to Miami in June of that same year. Therefore, Hernández would violate the prohibition of approach, which is why he was arrested when he returned from his vacation and entered Madrid, to be released shortly after.

It must be borne in mind that in Spain the fight against domestic violence is one of the most important roles in society, which is why the judges are very strict with these laws. So many times the authorities tend to have a heavy hand in these cases, which makes it even more doubtful that Lucas can come out of all this unscathed.