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A new AI chip that has capabilities similar to the human brain

Andy Vilchez
3 min read
A new AI chip that has capabilities similar to the human brain

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, we can see this in the new AI chip from the company Cerebras Systems. This has great capacities, so much so that it has been known that these could approximate those of the human brain.

A few days ago, some international media announced the progress that the company Cerebras Systems had achieved. According to the company, they have the ability to interlace up to 192 chips to create an extensive neural network, which allows them to work with efficiency and great computing power. This makes the AI gain great capabilities that have not been seen until now.

With these advances, the small startup located in Silicon Valley is preparing to face the giants of the industry. Nvidia and Alphabet are two of the largest companies that are making progress in this sector together with Cerebras System.

However, so far this is the AI with the greatest potential and the one that in turn makes the best use of energy power. Without a doubt, it is a breakthrough that could change the world as we know it.

Other similar innovations in the industry

The artificial intelligence industry continues to advance and this has not been the only breakthrough we have seen in recent years. Recall that in 2020, Intel managed to link a total of 768 Loihi-type chips. With all this computing power, the company specified that an intelligence similar to that of a rodent was achieved.

Recently, it was also known that artificial intelligence was developed that has the ability to detect lung cancer. Even the biggest advantage of this is that it can do record time, much faster than traditional methods. In fact, it has been calculated that this could be up to a year faster, allowing the disease to be attacked well in advance.

Is it possible to achieve a human-like neuronal capacity?

Unlike science fiction movies, today, it is not possible to reach the neuronal capacity that the human brain has. However, this does not mean that it cannot be achieved in the future.

Technology advances and with it, every time new milestones are reached in the world. And these days, artificial intelligences are one of the things that scientists and engineers are putting a lot of effort into.

So, we would not be surprised if within a few years we can observe neural capacities increasingly similar to those of the human brain.