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Gigabyte, Aorus is developing the best gaming computer ever

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read
Gigabyte, Aorus is developing the best gaming computer ever – Technology
Sky Project

Aorus has revealed a gaming PC model that will exploit the new advancements that are being developed.

This is how Aorus imagines it, who has presented the Sky Project, a PC for games like we have never seen it before. It aims to take advantage of advances in mobility and the network, with a particular arrangement in which each "floor" houses several rooms.

The idea is that we can place some modules on top of others, depending on our needs and without having to open the container or start "fiddling".

It is also a gaming PC designed for comfort, something that we cannot say about most current models. In addition to being small, it has a 5G network with an upper reception cable molded in the shape of a wing, incorporated into the chassis itself, which will allow us to have connectivity to the high-speed network anywhere.

The model consists of three modules

The best one houses the fundamental parts of the PC, for example, the motherboard, the processor and the design card, and is where most of the ports come from. The centerpiece is a battery, which is what will allow us to use the PC away from an electrical outlet despite the fact that it is anything but a laptop.

Finally, the base is really a Bluetooth speaker, so we will get the best power in our games, and simultaneously we can interconnect it with our mobile to play music.

The benefit of being a private frame is that we don't have to transport the speaker; we can simply transport the PC module and battery assuming we need something more versatile.

As it is a mockup, right now there is no information about the possible shipment of Project Cielo, or of an Aorus PC dependent on this plan. It is only a test that addresses what the future might bring, and not a genuine article.