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Huawei launches Nova 9, a mobile for young people, with admirable camera and performance

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

Huawei has presented the new form of its Nova, recharging its obligation with mobiles in the world.

Huawei launches Nova 9, a mobile for young people, with admirable camera and performance
Huawei Nova 9

As a general rule, Huawei's obligation has been recharged, with the new sample of the new Huawei Matebook 14 s and new equipment, for example, PC screens and mice. However, we cannot neglect Huawei's starting points.

This is what it will do with the new Huawei Nova 9, having a place with its scope intended for younger customers, and well below the Mate range and the P range, the most advanced.

The Nova range is creative, "elegant" and "dynamic", depending on the organization, and practically that implies that the team is not the most remarkable or complete, but it is distinguished by its plan and its perspectives.

The excellence of this mobile is impressive

"Excellence comes first" for the Nova range, as previous models have illustrated. The logo is the best illustration of this, an extremely unique plan that we will find in the showcase of the article.

The Huawei Nova 9 is designed to address the problems of the young public; In addition to having elements of Huawei, it has others for that audience.

Incredible details and features

The main key is flat, with another Star Blue shade, which changes hue based on the frequency of light, with a "soft touch cloud" finish, a unique fingerprint enemy and hostile to slip that is clearly noticeable to the touch. For a quieter look, it's also in dark with a similar feel.

It is a very light team of 175 grams and super thin of 7.77 mm, ready for photography with the huge rear camera. The focal point attracts a lot of attention, with a bright ring around it.

Ultimately, the key later is the camera, with a 50 MP principle with Ultra Vision and 4K video recording and high-level capture with AI. It is joined by three cameras a wide point of view, a full scale camera and a depth camera for the consolidated bokeh impact just below the fundamental camera, with streak.

A new mobile technology

Huawei is the first to use a RYYB sensor instead of RGB like the rest of the market, it captures 40% more light for clearer images. Sensor size is just as important as the lens, and the Nova's sensor is one of the largest available.

This, with a dedicated processor and expanding the range to DCI-P3 for images with more extravagant nuances. Also, it performs very well in low light.

The wide dot captures more of the image without neglecting the smallest detail, using AI to kill the twists at the edges of the image.

Huawei launches Nova 9, a mobile for young people, with admirable camera and performance
Huawei Nova 9

The selfie camera has received a ton of adoration, due to the youth interest group of this mobile, with a 32 MP selfie sensor with 4K lens ; It is even capable of low-light selfies and 4K selfie recordings, a first for Huawei, for filming recordings for informal organizations like TikTok.

Likewise, it includes AIS video adjustment in the front camera, and constant front and rear recording, changing from one to the other without cuts.

What's more, with dual-view video, we can record ourselves while recording, capturing everything in an interestingly similar image on a Huawei laptop. What's more, being important to Huawei's environment, it allows you to use the Huawei Watch as a screen and switch between cameras.

A functional design

Huawei launches Nova 9, a mobile for young people, with admirable camera and performance
Huawei Nova 9

The presentation of the Huawei Nova 9 is intended to be the essential equipment that we use during the day. It's a boundless bent cabinet, with a 1080p lens, covering the DCI-P3 shadow gamut with 1.07 million shades; all presentations are uniquely aligned to obtain the highest quality of shadows.

The light and eye safety settings adjust the screen conditions to secure the eyes in the event that we use the wireless before resting.

The big news is the 120 Hz revive rate, with dynamic switching between 60 Hz and 120 Hz as needed to save battery life.

Incredibly durable battery

As for the battery, the new 66 W fast charge is incorporated, which allows a full charge in just 38 minutes. In addition, 60% of the battery is reached in a short time. The processor of choice for the Nova 9 is the Snapdragon 778G 4G, a 6 nm processor with better and lower battery usage.

For gamers, the Touch Turbo innovation is incorporated, which works at the invigorating pace of the touch screen at 300 Hz and thus captures every keystroke. It has Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6 Plus to partner with the rest of Huawei's biological system.

The Nova 9 uses the new UI EMUI 12, with another more attractive plan and new provisions, such as the glossy envelope, which using Artificial Intelligence groups comparative applications in a similar organizer. We can also observe the size of the envelopes, and surprisingly open applications without opening the organizer in which it is located.

The control board is developed with the idea of Device + ; From the control panel itself we approach the phone settings, without prejudice to each of the results of the Huawei environment to control them without any problem.

Unrivaled options

The new advanced document manager allows us to associate the laptop with a Huawei PC remotely, and the versatile organizer will appear in Windows as one of the many. We can also interconnect it with Huawei tablets to impart records to Huawei Share.

Huawei has additionally revised its Extra Care management, which offers progressive support that includes the replacement of parts such as the battery, available through the application.

Huawei has made a move to showcase the progress of its HMS stage, with new applications and administrations.

The features incorporate Petal Maps 2.0, the guide application with a more developed route, disconnected guides and a new site. Advanced proximity administrations will allow us to discover cafés, inns and more administrations and reserve them.

With applications that will help you improve your experience

Petal Clips is the new video alteration app with Artificial Intelligence innovation. It allows us to alter recordings with a tick with modified formats. In this way, it is feasible to add impacts, for example 'dark movement' or have the activity follow accordingly.

Huawei Themes allows us to alter our equipment, with funds according to our preferences. In addition, the Huawei AppGalery application is acquiring official applications, such as banks, coffee shops, benefits and even football clubs.

Huawei claims to be one of the three largest app stores on the planet, with more than 42 million customers worldwide and 384 million downloads in 2020.

The new monetary applications include those of BBVA, Lydia and Curve, in addition to Santander and others currently accessible. Portable installation with Nova 9 and other mobiles is now possible with some applications.