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Motorola Defy a mobile approves of everything

Alvaro Salazar
7 min read

The Motorola Defy is the new "hardened" mobile of the organization, designed to be used in the most dangerous occasions for a common mobile device.

Motorola Defy a mobile approves of everything – Technology – WebMediums
Motorola Defy

Perhaps the biggest objection that customers have with today's mobile phones is that they are excessively delicate, especially among people who could appreciate the stiffness of the legendary "blocks" that did not break even when shot.

The use of more developed parts and better materials, for example, glass, affects the durability and resistance of the devices.

There are special cases, obviously. There will always be an interest in phones that are rugged, whether for workers or hobbyists, and organizations like Motorola are ready to answer that question.

Your new Defy is presented as possibly the roughest mobile phone available today, but the million-dollar question is, is it a good phone?

Motorola Defy an impressive mobile

That the Motorola Defy is not the same as most phones available is more than clear when you receive it.

In the hand it feels something strange, as if we are holding a concrete square and not an innovative gadget ; the buttons are durable, and the ergonomics are acceptable, even though it's a larger phone than it should be for the screen size.

Motorola Defy a mobile approves of everything – Technology – WebMediums
Motorola Defy

This peculiar sensation can be clarified by the thickness of the gadget, but also by the help of the packaging. Not only does it take on an elegant part, quickly separating it from other phones, but it is also practical, as it prevents the phone from getting out of hand, working on the grip. On the back we also have a sample of what makes this phone exceptional: "Dust. Water. Drop. PROOF".

Ultimately, this phone is idiot-proof. Did you fall into the stream while crossing it? Get it and keep using it, due to its double sealing that offers IP68 confirmation: it can remain active up to 1.5 meters deep for 35 minutes, despite the fact that in the event that it falls into salt water we must try to clean the power jack. 3.5 mm sound and USB-C port.

It would have been great to have a kind of guarantee on those associations, however generally it shouldn't be a problem.

The aesthetics of to Defy are also quite strange in light of the fact that it is unbalanced, with a "spike" at the right base; Although elegantly to a strange extent, it is there for a valid justification, to hook the versatile to the cord that comes with it when you buy it, that, so we can tie and fold anywhere like our wrist and therefore try not to lose it even in the most exceedingly horrible circumstances.

In addition, regardless of whether it is dropped, it can withstand stuns of up to 1.8 meters.

Different advantages of to Defy are not apparent to the naked eye, however, they will help us in ordinary use. For example, this mobile is especially impervious to vibrations, one of the "hidden problems" of current mobiles.

Of course, Apple has been warning customers lately that vibrations from motorcycles could damage their brand's device. To avoid these problems, for example, in the case that we use the phone while cycling, to Defy can withstand vibrations of up to 500 hz, MIL SPEC 810H and class 4.

Also, the phone will work regardless of the weather.

Many people do not understand it until the point of no return passes, however, mobiles do not warmly embrace scandalous temperature changes; To Defy then handles movements between -30 °C and 75 °C without any problem, which is useful in the snow when returning to a warm place.

A functional mobile but up to a point

For more extreme security, to Defy has a single fingerprint reader on the rear, directly on the Motorola logo. It is usually fast, however it is not difficult to fit the top of the rear cameras as they are directly on top.

In any case, the position is regular, and the vibration helps us to locate the correct place.

Motorola Defy a mobile approves of everything – Technology – WebMediums
Motorola Defy

I also loved the consideration of an extra button on the right side, with the power and volume buttons.

Unlike other phones, Motorola allows us to design this button for whatever we want, becoming quick access to essential capabilities such as light; We have three options: press it once to start voice recognition, press it twice or a long press, and in the last two cases we can redo the activities.

In the opposite range we have the 6.5-inch screen that, to be honest, is not excellent regardless of whether we consider everything we have said about the hardness of the mobile.

I could neglect the low objective (720p) and the treatment of shadows, more common in a low-end model; however, I cannot excuse the low brightness in a phone that is intended to be used outdoors.

Regardless of whether we turn it all the way up, it may not be enough in more extreme brightness circumstances.

In addition, we have to support huge lines, especially at the base, while at the top we have a front camera with a "notch" or drop-shaped indentation instead of an aperture.

Obviously, Motorola has reduced the expenses in everything that is identified with the screen, to put them in the main parts of a 'Armored' and safe laptop.

Deep and 1367 focuses on multicore in Geekbench 5, even though it should essentially give us no problems with fundamental usage. Then again, I can't forgive shipping another phone in 2021 with Android 10, and it makes me can't stop thinking about what the backup will look like in the years to come.

The cameras are decent, however I think they get hit by too many systems.

The fundamental lens is 48 MP and gap f / 1.8 and although on paper that should give great results, for some time now the photographs come out with a revised "watercolor impact", as if they were painted or darkened in certain components, so innumerable subtleties are lost when taking a picture.

We don't have a wide-spot sensor, however, we do have a full-scale sensor that isn't really very useful because of its low 2MP lens ; It's something I don't understand, in light of the fact that this phone will be used outdoors, which is the place where we need to capture huge scenes and conditions, where a wide point would be considerably more valuable.

Where to Defy stands out most is in the battery. Motorola guarantees two days of battery life on a single charge, and it has actually come exceptionally close; Clearly, it all depends on how we use it, however it shouldn't leave us stranded.

It keeps the power fast at 20W with the connector that comes inside the package.

It fulfills a characteristic very well

The Motorola Defy is a phone specifically for something, and in that sense, I can say that it satisfies it decisively.

It is safe, and it offers us the security we seek when we are in problematic conditions; In that sense, we really cannot ask for more and the figures introduced by Motorola are what will really attract you to this mobile device.

In any case, to Defy is suggested possibly in case stiffness is your absolute necessity; it is exceedingly far behind different models at a similar cost.

In addition, it is that this Motorola Defies costs 329.99 euros / $, and for that sum we can get driving phones with generally excellent equipment; obviously most will break down quickly by enduring what this Defies can easily endure.