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Skullcandy Push Active headphones the best in sports headphones

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

The new Skullcandy Pushc Active are some of the fastest to make a big appearance with Skull iQ, which allows us voice control and extra features.

Skullcandy Push Active headphones the best in sports headphones
Skullcandy Push Active

Nowadays, it's not enough to just dispatch some remote headphones that sound great and look good. Have you seen what the market looks like? Only in this 2021 we have seen an immense number of new headphones that more than satisfy those needs.

For a brand like Skullcandy, which for years has focused on conveying an alternative style, that's proof. With the Push Active, we have seen how it reacted: with a lot of innovation.

Skull iQ is the most peculiar application of all

The Skull iQ app is made up of crafty calculations and capabilities that enhance the potential results of the headphones. The Push Active is the first, along with the Grind Fuel, to use this innovation in an interesting way, and they do so with a few advantages over other devices.

The most striking thing is that these headphones have their own voice assistant, so we can give orders out loud, and they will be able to perceive and execute them. In this way, they do not depend on Google Assistant or Alexa like many headphones, although we can still use them with headphones.

The Skull iQs focus more on the controls identified with music playback, and stand out especially for their coordination with Spotify ; In case that is your number one help, fortune has smiled on you, since this companion allows us to carry out a wide range of activities, starting by opening the application by just saying "Hello Skullcandy, Spotify ".

From there, we can handle music playback just by saying "Hi Skullcandy", for example,"Play", "Next", or "Volume up". Unfortunately, right now you only hear the commands in English, which may be something irritating in case it cannot perceive your language, we can also start the wizard introduced naturally in the versatile by saying "Hello Skullcandy, Assistant".

Speech recognition works effectively and is generally fast, although it does not perceive well at various times, in the turmoil of the weather.

Skullcandy Push Active headphones the best in sports headphones
Skullcandy Push Active

In any case, it is an extraordinary help, especially in the case that our hands are full, and we cannot make the laptop change its melody, for example. Also, in case we prefer not to use the voice, we have a real button on each earpiece, something that makes me exceptionally happy; It is a heavy button that we will not accidentally press or contact.

In any case, it is by no means the only curious component of these headphones. This is because it allows us to use them to operate the camera.

We simply have to start the camera application, and when we press the button it will start to take the photo; It's that kind of good idea that has never happened to me, though, that it's a good fit for everyone and is exceptionally useful.

Another smart inclusion that can make a difference is the similarity with Tile, the Bluetooth tracking stage that allows us to discover our wallet or keys. Because of this, we are able to track our lost headphones using the Tile app and organization.

We find a surround mode, or as Skullcandy calls it, a "cognitive mode", which intensifies the sound of our current circumstance, although in my tests it was barely perceptible, perhaps due to the fact that the confinement is not excellent. More intriguing is the way to transmit the sound to another Skull-iQ headphone client.

Here's what Push Active headphones look like

Speaking of real headphones, the Skullcandy Push Active are practice headphones, effectively striking for the curve that emerges from each earbud and offering superior in-ear support.

Instead of hooking from behind, they hook from the front, which takes some getting used to and will be a bit of a problem if you're wearing glasses. However, once in place, they don't move no matter how much we move.

In the actual box we discovered two additional stack sets of various sizes, however Skullcandy does not offer multiple snares. In the case, that you have huge ears, the hook is at the limit, and sometimes I feel that the headphones are removed from my ear. Larger or much more modest staves would have been valued.

Skullcandy Push Active headphones the best in sports headphones
Skullcandy Push Active

That extra grip makes the charging case huge, perhaps overly large, however, it essentially makes up for it by giving up to 34 hours of extra battery life for the earbuds ; that's a more solid point, since the headphones are capable of holding up to 10 hours.

Additionally, I liked the detail of the cover for the USB-C port, which prevents it from getting wet or dirty when we take it to our companies, as well as the fast charge that achieves two hours of use with ten minutes of charge.

Tasteful, they are not exceptionally flashy headphones, selecting the dark color with little subtleties in orange. The well-known skull, the Skullcandy logo, could not be missing, but in general they are more practical than beautiful.

Sound is a more meaningful prospect for any individual who buys a Skullcandy, and the Push Active convey; As expected, its strong point is in the bass, and electronic music sounds amazing, probably impressive in that class at this cost.

Complete and surprising

Don't be fooled by appearances: these Skullcandy Push Active will surprise anyone who dares to despise them for their image. The measure of innovation and additional components surpasses that of most opponents, and some are exceptionally valuable and intriguing. It's an added value that other headphones don't have.

I was also surprised that this Push Active cost only 79.99 euros, thinking about all that built-in innovation; despite the fact that, as I said above, regardless of whether they cost 100 euros / $, I would suggest them in any case in case they included the abrogation of dynamic shock.

As they will be, they are still recommended in the event that we exercise and feel like those extra capabilities, but manufacturers must know that it is increasingly cheaper to achieve retraction of movements; recently we talked about the Nothing ear (1) for 100 euros / $, for example.