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Smart bikes... what are they for?

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
Smart bike model

We are more than used to hearing from smart devices throughout the year, it is a sector that is constantly evolving and updating.

We live in the era of cell phones, tablets and computers, smart devices that are part of our lives. But have you ever heard of a "smart bike"?

While they're being called smart bikes, it's actually a shortened way of referring to an electric bike with some hint of wireless connection.

Due to this you can access data on the bike such as notifications from your smartphone, your GPS track and other data that you can access on the web.

The truth is that for years there had been talk about these electric bikes and the benefits they could bring to people's lifestyles. Well, these electric bicycles already exist on the market, and they are being very useful for users.

What is a smart bike?

They are normal bicycles themselves, but they have modernized technological hardware built in that provides interesting functions that the old conventional bicycle does not have.

This modern hardware consists of batteries, electric motors, controllers, pedal sensors that allow a much more comfortable and automatic operation. It even comes with a biometric system, geolocation sensors and global position.

These were designed with the purpose of transporting users, covering their travel needs in the short and long term, always respecting the environment, of course.

"Smart bikes represent a technological breakthrough in the transport and mobility sector."

With these technological innovations, you not only make your journey safer on the road. Users can also monitor their driving habits and thus achieve more optimal results.

Advantages of smart bikes

  1. Freedom to move and comfort that other types of transport do not have.

  2. Contributes to the improvement of your physical condition.

  3. Track your training progress in real time.

  4. They are considered a scientific and technological advance in the ecological transport sector, since it does not use fuel as an energy source.

  5. They analyze your driving habits and routes you take to give you a fully automated driving experience.

  6. It includes real-time route navigation, to provide you with data on the use of the bicycle, its performance and information related to the location.

  7. They are very accessible, since you can not only buy them, you can also rent them.

  8. Its cost is not that high compared to other conventional means of transport.

  9. They are ideal for short trips.

Smart bike models

The smart electric bike that was designed by Mercedes-Benz, mixes the best things of a bicycle with the energy of a car. It comes with a built-in motor that assists the pedal, known as the Pedal Electric Cycle.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
Electric bike smart electric bike

Its battery has a range of up to 100 km of travel, capable of braking even in emergency situations. It has a space for you to place your smartphone, and it can recover energy after braking.

The smart Halo is one of the most advanced models on the market, as it is capable of guiding the user through a halo and helping them find the most reliable route for the smart bike.

It has an application for control that does not require a cell phone, and for greater comfort, you have to enter the route on the device that can be stored in your pocket and the dashboard guides the cyclist to their destination.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
Smart Halo smart bike

It has a personal assistant to answer calls with the hands-free, and lights so that other cyclists and motorists can perceive the bicycle at night.

The VanMoof SmartBike is an ideal smart bike to move around the city, it does not rust over time but is made even smarter. It does not require keys to unlock, since it uses an application and a touch panel that, through Bluetooth, verifies the identity of its owner before releasing it.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
VanMoof SmartBike Electric Bike

You can use the mobile application to find out the speed at which it travels, the number of kilometers it travels daily and makes recommendations to the user to use it more efficiently. It comes with an anti-theft gadget and a guarantee against criminal acts.

The SpeedX Unicorn makes your ride smoother. It has a built-in computer and not only eliminates bumps, it also comes with a 2.2-inch touchscreen and pulls data from a power meter, so the user can see how many watts of output it has.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
SpeedX Unicorn smart bike

It has wireless controls and sensors, its battery is rechargeable and is used for any kind of ride.

Another model is Xiaomi's folding electric bike. Its design is light and foldable, which makes it much easier to store. It has a 250 W brushless motor, has a lot of power and can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
Xiaomi folding electric bike

It has a good quality battery with a range of 45 km with a single recharge. You can monitor your pedaling data and connect to the mobile device app, where you can also measure force, speed, distance and calorie expenditure, and display them on the screen that is built into the handlebar.

It has four cycling modes that are perfectly adjustable with which you can measure the electrical force it provides depending on your requirements.

The folding electric mountain bike has three modes of operation. EBike mode, assisted bike mode and normal mode. The motor does not have brushes, its ability to start is quite fast, with a lot of power, since it is capable of reaching 25 km / h.

Its removable battery is 36 W and has the power saving function for a much longer operating time. Its charging port is removable and waterproof.

Smart bikes... what are they for? – Technology – WebMediums
Folding electric mountain bike

It has mechanical brakes in the front and rear, its transmission is 21 different speeds. Which is very favorable to increase its performance in ascent, reach and adaptation to any type of terrain.

In conclusion, Smart bikes are here to stay, and their evolution will not stop. Technology will continue to advance, and we will continue to see updates and new features that will make users more comfortable and improve their ability to move around.

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