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The era of the Jetsons has already arrived with the flying car

Fermín Díaz
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The era of the Jetsons has already arrived with the flying car

Surely you have heard or read of that famous animated series that was created in the 60s, it was known as The Jetsons (The Jetsons). In it, you could see things that were very technologically advanced for its time, such as the famous character Robotina and the incredible flying cars.

What at that time was considered as something super advanced for the time, and today it can be said that it is a reality. We are talking about the flying car, also known commercially as AirCar, which was the first car to make an interurban flight.

"AirCar is just one of the companies included in the flying car production race."

This flying car r was designed and created by the Slovak company Klein Vision. Its first takeoff was carried out in the city of Nitra, landing 30 minutes later in Bratislava, arriving at the airports and then moving by land like any ordinary car.

This becomes a historical fact, being the first car to move from one city to another flying through the skies. According to their manufacturers, the time for mass production is very close.

The first flight experience

On June 28, the flying car completed a journey of 80 km in an approximate time of 35 minutes, which represents half of what a car would take on a fast route by land.

It used a maximum speed of 190 km / h and flying through the skies at 8,200 feet. So far it has already accumulated more than 40 hours of test flight.

Upon arriving in Bratislava, the flying car picked up its retractable wings and tail with the push of a button from inside the cockpit, to continue in car mode. Such action was executed in three minutes and then moved to the city center.

The era of the Jetsons has already arrived with the flying car
AirCar designed the first flying car

It has a built-in 160 hp BMW engines with a fixed propeller. In addition to the 40 hours of flight already conducted as a test, the flying car has also completed 142 successful landings and takeoffs. It has made steep 45º turns, stability and maneuverability tests.

So far it is the first prototype, but the second prototype is already being produced, which will be known as the M1 car, but will also be considered as a small plane. Its power will be greater, as it will reach 300 hp, increasing its cruising speed to 300 km / h and with 1000 km of autonomy.

It is a true fact that with this flying car a new era of dual transportation begins. A new form of transport is opening up and the freedom attributed to automobiles is returning to the user.

The flying Swiss Jetson one

It is true that we are still not going to see flying cars flying through the skies on a daily basis, but in the market there are already many brands that are working hard on the manufacture of their models, such as the AirCar, Honda, Xpeng, Uber, Lilium and Porsche, among others.

The era of the Jetsons has already arrived with the flying car
The Jetson flying low to the ground

But the Swiss company Jetson has made its Jetson one. It is the eVTOL, a vehicle with the ability to take off and land quickly. This model can only carry one person. It is said that its cost is around $92,000 approximately and is of limited production.

At the time of purchase, they partially assemble it in the middle, and later they send you a kit to finish assembling it by the same user.

"So far the Jetson one can only mobilize a single crew member."

In that kit comes what you need to assemble it, it includes the aluminum frame, motor controllers, propellers and motors, together with detailed building instructions.

Although it is a model that has been in development for some time, the Swiss company has been able to manufacture a personal and commercial electric aerial vehicle that any user can own and fly.

Technical characteristics of the Jetson one

The Jetson one measures 2.8 x 2.4 x 1.03 meters, so it is considered a compact model. You can land it in a garden, airport or a terrace. It has an approximate weight of 90 kg and can only mobilize a single crew member.

The era of the Jetsons has already arrived with the flying car
A Jetson one model parked on the freeway

Its power is 88 kW, which would represent 118 hp, it has 8 propellers mounted on four arms. The company has commented that if one of the engines is damaged, the jetson one can continue to fly.

"Flying a jetson one is like playing a video game."

As for the dashboard and controls, they are very interesting. It is said to be like playing a video game, bring a joystick, a pair of pedals and the brake. It has a screen very similar to that of a common car, which provides data such as speed, and the state of the battery.

Jetson one cost and downsides

A disadvantage of the jetson one is that if the crew member weighs 85 kg, they could only support flying 15 minutes, which is considered a fairly limited time for anyone, and their speed is limited to only 102 km / h.

"The jetson one is not an economical vehicle and its production is very limited."

It has a cost of $102,000, if you want to buy it, you would have to fork out $22,000 to reserve your model. By the next year 2022, it is expected to complete about 22 models of the jetson one, and three more units by 2023.

Is the Jetson one safe?

The computer is linked to a LiDAR system that analyzes the terrain using laser beams in three-dimensional form and in real time to avoid obstacles on the way.

In the event that two or more engines fail, the jetson one comes with a ballistic parachute that was designed to deploy in just seconds to avoid crashing.

Its assembly is not from the factory, since it comes disassembled like Ikea style to assemble several pre-manufactured modules. It is for this reason that it is considered a homemade flying vehicle, and thus avoids the strenuous process to obtain the certificate of the North American Federal Aviation Administration.

THE innovative Swiss Jetson One.