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The news that Ubuntu 21.10 will bring

Andy Vilchez
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Linux is one of the best operating systems today, although it is not as widely used as Windows or macOS, this operating system is a very good alternative.

In its new version 21.10 it brings many improvements that will make you forget about the new Windows 11.

The news that Ubuntu 21.10 will bring – Technology – WebMediums
Ubuntu 21.10

Windows is not the only operating system that has received an update, as Ubuntu, the most popular Linux-based operating system, also receives a new version.

With the new arrival of Ubuntu 21.10 we have a clear competitor for the new Windows 11.

Next week, the new version of this Linux distribution will be available. And this one will bring a good amount of news that paves the way for what will come in the next updates.

Next, I want you talked about what are this news that the new Ubuntu has to offer.

A new version name

As with every new version of Ubuntu, this one will bring a new codename.

Historically, the different versions of Linux are made up of the name of an animal and to which an adjective is added.

For this new version, the letter is an "i", so, the name chosen for this new version is Impish Indri. But the name is not the only change, but some that are also very interesting.

A new kernel

Another novelty that this new version brings is that it brings a new kernel which has the number 5.13 and has many changes.

With this new version of the kernel the doors are opened for great advances, such as the support for the new M1 chips from Apple, as well as greater security.

Also, with this change, Linux is going to become much more robust and secure than it already was.

Changes in the Ubuntu installer

Another of the changes that you can see in this new version has to do with the new system installer.

This has been completely renovated, and the biggest news is that a new programming language has been used. To be more specific, it is made with Flutter.

Additionally, thanks to this new renovation, the installation process will be much easier.

In this way, the process is much more intuitive than you can imagine. This is something that can make it possible for new users to install this new system.

A new desktop for Ubuntu 21.10

The news that Ubuntu 21.10 will bring – Technology – WebMediums
Ubuntu 21.10 desktop

With this new version of Ubuntu, we will find the new version of GNOME, number 40 to be more precise. But this will not be the default version, it will be a custom one to give the system a much more attractive appearance.

Is it advisable to update to the new version?

The first thing you should be clear about is that this is not an LTS version, therefore, it will only give 9 months of support.

Next year, we will see version 22.04 LTS, which will have extended support.

If you are already in an LTS version (20.04), the decision to update will be yours.

This version is undoubtedly a great advance over others. However, it may be worth waiting a few months to directly install the new LTS.

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Las novedades que traerá Ubuntu 21.10
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