The data centers of all online applications are full. This is impressive

Alvaro Salazar
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In recent months, people from all over the planet have burned many hours in Zoom, Netflix and a wide range of others online applications, this causes a gigantic increase in energy use in the Data centers. All this commotion is because, because of the confinement, people are filled with information through virtual platforms.

In any case, a gigantic change towards the virtual world requires a lot of space in the real world. That means: servers Farms. These structures and distribution centers harbor information; And different basic applications used by changing sizes organizations. Not only by the huge technological goliates.

The data centers of all online applications are full. This is impressive
Data center

They do not stand out for their magnificence or uniqueness, full as they are columns of PCs, workers, processors and switches. However, they are more vital than at any other time in recent memory. That is that monetary life moves progressively with care.

It should be emphasized that online applications increase the number of server farms more and more

All over the planet, interest in the servers farms is growing. The Data centers market of the United States, it is conjectured that it will become 14% by 2021 in terms of megawatt limit, according to CBRE, a land consultancy. India is finding a tremendous popular avalanche of server farms, since the use of the Internet is being developed rapidly among the 1,400 million individuals in the country.

In Europe, the market is being developed with special speed. The first quarter of 2021 was remarkable in quite some time from the space measure of rented centers, many of them for farms still in the development stage. The farms in development stage are minimal, so it is more profitable to maintain the flow of data.

"Space has been on an extraordinary development path since 2016" says Andrew Jay, Director of Procedures Data centers on CBRE, to DW. "Without prejudice to some good-to-year development postponements, the pandemic has accelerated the development of the offer of servers Farms."

Problems of electric current and water caused by data centers

The need for additional space for information will not yield. The innovation of the web of things (IOT), present, for example, in self-conduction vehicles, is driving the market. Like rapidly expanding interest in distributed computing administrations in different companies.

The data centers of all online applications are full. This is impressive
The servers work with too much electrical energy

Most of the large technology companies have a few amounts of abysmal servers. This causes effect on the servers themselves, overheating, so they use more energy and refrigeration to maintain the flow of information. Through each server there are millions and millions of data.

Likewise, the pandemic accelerated numerous past patterns. For example, work from home and business-based businesses. The growing digitalization of the world economy clarifies why server farms have become so important.

In any case, the ecological effect of the farms it has been the object of harsh criticism. According to the International Energy Agency (AIE), the Information centers they represent around 1% of the global use of energy now.

In addition, they use huge amounts of water to try to keep offices fresh. This has created controversy in the United States. Where organizations such as Google and Amazon use billions of gallons of water.

George Kamiya, an AIE examiner, says that this is a region in which the area of servers Farms. "You can achieve more positively "Also the decrease of electronic waste and the growth of significantly more efficient innovations in energy. In any case, he noted that the company has taken extraordinary steps. Regarding energy efficiency in general terms during the previous decade.

"The global use of energy by computer centers has remained practically stable, while global Internet traffic multiplied by twelve in a similar period", says Kamiya. "A part of the huge farm managers are also probably the biggest buyers of sustainable energy, which mitigates the general carbon printing of the server farms "

How this is developed in Europe

Server farms are being implemented in large number throughout Europe. Some US organizations of server farms, such as Cyrusone and Vantage, have contributed intensely in land mass. Vantage is cultivating huge land from server farms in some European urban areas, for example, in Ludwigsfelde, on the outskirts of Berlin.

The data centers of all online applications are full. This is impressive

In Spain a Data center becomes non-sustainable. Since for the high consumption of electricity generate more expenses in services than they produce. This is why companies move their farms to other locations in which the service is profitable and beneficial to them. However, it continues to cause the same ecological blow in the environment.

While the monsters of innovation. For example, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are distinguished by their own & quot server farms; HiPerrescala "A large part of the European market is involved by alleged farms of & quot servers; placement "These are directed by organizations that represent a considerable authority in Gserver farm of executives and rented to different organizations.

According to the DCP advisory company, the income created by the European server farms will amount to about 15,000 million euros from 2024, an expansion of 46% compared to 2020.

Conventional areas for server farms in Europe are the alleged FLAP markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris), but Dublin is progressively added to that list. However, Andrew Jay warns that there are different business sectors that are developing rapidly. This is the situation in Berlin, where the interest in the computer administrations distributed to Hiperescala is changing the dynamics.