Honor Magic V: the new folding mobile that shakes the market

Ramiro Guzman
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Honor Magic V: the new folding mobile that shakes the market
The launch of the Magic V of honor will increase the competition in the market

Magic V is the title received by the new high-end mobile developed by Honor. Huawei's former tech division continues to go strong when it comes to producing innovative devices.

Not only is it a revolutionary mobile, but it also possesses qualities never before used by the company. On this occasion, its foldable character gives it a plus to compete with the greats in the field.

The first general details of the Honor Magic V

The culmination of the past year 2020 marked a turning point for Honor, at that time, Huawei's technological branch. The company achieved its separation and subsequent independence, claiming that it would begin to "assault" the field of mobile devices.

The Magic V has been a clear example of this once it was announced. It is a phone that combines high-end properties with a unique quality: being foldable. In this way, it seeks to cut ground to the work that Samsung has been doing at the same time.

Precisely, Samsung has already given what to talk about with the emergence of its Galaxy Z Fold. In fact, the Magic V is not too far off in terms of design, allowing it to open and close as a hinge or book.

From the general perspective, it works with two displays with integrated AMOLED technology. One of them, the internal one, is the one with the greatest capacity and diameters. And while the external is smaller in comparison, it is still fully functional.

Honor Magic V: the new folding mobile that shakes the market
The screens of the Magic V of Honor is one of its many strengths

Top expert descriptions rank it as a "beastly product" perfect for HDR playback. Hand in hand with its almost inches on the screen, 120 Hz in refresh rate and 1,000 nits of brightness capacity, it promises too much.

When will it begin to be available for purchase?

The Honor Magic V is called upon to spearhead the company's new fleet of high-end phones.

Everything seems to indicate that, by dissociating itself from Huawei, it will not suffer the limitations related to the use of the Google world. In essence, it is a favorable point for its early expansion and acceptance.

And speaking of expansion, at the moment its commercialization is scheduled for Chinese territory. Following its announcement, no specific details have been revealed to provide clues about its distribution to Europe. However, in countries like Spain they are very attentive to such information.

The clock has started ticking from now on, with January 10 officially being its official launch date in China.

The western population, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to acquire the mobile in its black, white and orange colors for now.

How many versions of the Magic V will there be?

The portentous title of Honor is described as a powerful machine in terms of processing and capacity. Right away, you step into the world of 12 GB of RAM, varying from storage perspective.

Honor Magic V: the new folding mobile that shakes the market
3 elegant designs and 2 models with monstrous capabilities

On the one hand, there will be a "basic" version with the same amount of RAM, but with 256 GB of internal storage. In return, the secondary edition increases the level: the same RAM plus 512 GB of free space to use.

As is to be seen, the first mentioned will have a cost that will be around 1,400 euros on average.

When compared to the second Magic V model, the cost rises just a bit. At the exchange, it is speculated that it will be worth approximately 1,600 euros.

The three key points that make the Magic V an outstanding mobile

In addition to the fact of an improved design and to be able to transform quickly from mobile to a mini-tablet, they are not its only key points. In particular, it is full of surprises where three of them are essential to understand how outstanding it promises to be:

Incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is the most powerful processor announced by Qualcomm. It is the first generation of a Hexagon component with technology for mobile photography.

Basically, it is designed to take a quality leap when it comes to performance and efficiency.

By the end of 2021, the project was able to see the green light for launch. And just under a month, already in 2022, Honor announced that Magic V would work with said processor.

The mobile will be a specialist in the field of machine learning thanks to its base in artificial intelligence. On the other hand, it will improve the user experience in terms of multimedia content and other basic functions.

It will support the revolutionary Magic UI 6, an operating system based on Android 12. An independent platform that will also serve to not depend on the giant associated with Google.

Up to 3 x 50 megapixel sensors

The Magic V camera will also follow the trend of increasing the ability of mobile phones to capture better shots.

Add up to 3 sensors with 50 megapixels, each in a different camera. Additionally, this triple system will be under the care of AI on mobile.

Honor Magic V: the new folding mobile that shakes the market
The triple camera of the Magic V is available as one of the most functionally attractive

Each camera is characterized by being an angle, wide angle and a Spectrum Enhaced or "hyperspectral". In other words, the photograph will be more than sharp, with a good spectrum and balance between contrast, colors, shadows and tones.

Battery and fast charging

The battery and its charging details could not be missing within the most essential details. In his presentation, the CEO of the company George Zhao, indicated that the mobile is ready to surpass the known in all areas.

Breaking down that sentence, it was found that the Magic V's battery will be 4,750 mAh. Although it doesn't seem like a big deal, both the operating system and the processor support it practically.

The reason is that the Magic V will be highly customizable to the point of reducing power consumption. That is, the battery consumption will not be gradually affected by the performance that the user wants to give it.

Another outstanding notion is that the artificial intelligence in its processor optimizes the intrinsic performance processes.

The distribution of the applications will be distributed in accordance with the use or perspective that is granted to them. A separate advantage for battery conservation.

Adding its 66 W capacity in fast charge, Zhao said that the mobile will achieve 50% charge in less than 20 minutes. It will be a net charging process that will ensure good use of the phone for a long time and not just a facade.

Will there be problems with Google?

The refusal suffered by Huawei regarding its alliance with Google was one of the causes of Honor's separation. A move that, initially was forced, allowed to enjoy the application service of the famous technology company.

However, the doubt has been sown, since in his presentation not much was commented on that circumstance. Even so, previous devices like the Magic 3 have not had problems with the offer of Google applications.

At the moment, the interested community has called for patience and logic. We will have to hope that its use will be more frequent and that the reviews about its technical composition abound on the Internet.