10 places to visit in Germany

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If you want to find the best destination for your vacation, the best option is Germany. It has totally medieval towns, cosmopolitan and modern cities, as well as you can enjoy its various mountains and learn the history that surrounds this beautiful country.

Also, know and discover which are the 10 best places that Germany has to visit.


Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is where the well-known Oktoberfest is celebrated, it also has alpine views and rooms packed with all the beer you can drink. On the other hand, Munich is a completely sophisticated city, as it has the perfect balance between natural beauty and the good life that the city offers.

10 places to visit in Germany – Travel – WebMediums


In this city was where the well-known "cologne" was born, which is a type of perfume, but even the city of Colonia has its own museum which is dedicated to perfumes.

However, this city is located on the banks of the river Rhine and its greatest attraction is its great Cathedral that bears the same name as the city, in addition to the chocolate museum and the famous Hohenzollern bridge, where lovers can hang a padlock to seal their love.


When you visit Quedlinburg you will feel like you are traveling back in time. This population is located north of the Harz Mountains.

Likewise, in its historic center there are around 1000 houses made of wood painted in different colors, totally cobbled streets, a Renaissance castle and a large 15th century Gothic church.

10 places to visit in Germany – Travel – WebMediums


It is a charming mountain town that is situated on the banks of the Isar River. In Mittenwald the population wears their traditional clothing, and they keep their customs alive.

Also, they are famous for the workshops that they teach during the summer on violas, violins and cellos, while during the winter Mittenwald becomes the perfect place for skiing.


Berlin is the capital of Germany, in this there are different places from restaurants, museums and art galleries, as well as various architectures such as the Charlottenburg Palace, the Berlin Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate.

In addition, they will be able to know the largest art gallery in the world that is outdoors, which is the East Gallery.

10 places to visit in Germany – Travel – WebMediums


This small town was one of the places that inspired many famous composers, authors and artists. In addition, it is home to the oldest university in all of Germany.

On the other hand, one of the main tourist attractions that Heidelberg has is the castle that dominates the entire town.


It has a splendid bay where it offers a great variety of exquisite fish and seafood. Hamburg is known as “the door to the world” as it has operas and theaters, as well as the Miniatur Wunderland, which is the largest miniature railway line in the world.


It is a cosmopolitan city and is also known for being the main headquarters of the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz automotive industries. In Stuttgart, you will find the museums of these two renowned brands. It also has several vineyards that are located in the Karlshöhe area.

10 places to visit in Germany – Travel – WebMediums


Bremen is home to the famous and well-known Beck's beer, so you can receive a guided tour of the brewery of this beer, and it also includes a tasting of this beer.

Among its tourist attractions are Dom St. Petri (St. Peter's Cathedral) and the Rathaus (town hall) and it is another of the places that Bremen has that you cannot miss.


Baden-Baden is a city of very luxurious spas, so if you want to relax, this is your best option. It is located in a valley that is full of forests and hot springs. Baden-Baden is also renowned for the Das Kurhaus casino and the Festspielhaus which is the second-largest opera house in all of Europe.

10 places to visit in Germany – Travel – WebMediums
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