10 Places to visit in the world

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We present a list of 10 places to visit in the world. We have selected them taking into account cheap flights, trips and cars. Remember to read each one carefully and choose the best one for you.

Reservation of the Talamanca mountain range

A sample of natural power we find in the reserve of the Talamanca mountain range. So great is it that it covers the countries of Costa Rica and Panama.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

A tourist attraction for lovers of forests, we stop, fog and humidity with a varied tropical climate and willing to transform your trip into a complete journey.

There are several tourist spots, where you must find a trained guide to accompany you on your expedition.

Undoubtedly, one of the destinations largest tourist attractions in Central America and that has gathered thousands of tourists who try to conquer its dense jungle and its natural wonders considered a World Heritage Site.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Margarita Island

If you want to spend an excellent weekend in front of the best beaches in Venezuela, Isla Margarita is your favorite choice of the Caribbean Atlantic.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

With more than 2 million tourists per year, Isla Margarita possesses the essentials in case you are a lover of scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or you like speed over water. In addition, it has hundreds of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs so that the fun is chosen to your liking.

Another reason to visit Margarita islands is the ability to fall in love with all its beaches and there are even places where they only allow tranquility like others where you will not stop dancing in their clubs and clubs.

Punta Del Este

In South America there is a unique spa in its class and incomparable. Punta del Este in Uruguay is a group of beaches, islands and cliffs converted into one of the most important attractions in the world.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Of course, gastronomy could not be lacking in the region, so we find a wide variety of local dishes adapted a bit for the international palate. You also find a lot of hotels, cabins and residences willing to stay.

But if you want a guided tour, in Punta del Este you can find different plans and tourist attractions, so that great places like the Casapueblo, the Lighthouse or everything that the peninsula wants to show you does not escape you.

Punta Cana

Dominican Republic is considered internationally as one of the best places in the Caribbean for tourism, but Punta Cana is the face of the island, the place of large hotel chains and scenic attractions to enjoy.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

With more than 10 beaches to visit, tourism grew in recent years and due to the demands of tourists, new hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other urban and night centers were built every time.

Nowadays Punta Cana is considered calm beaches, where its wealth of fauna and flora are an added value, especially when you dive in the ocean or walk among the landscape.


To the east of Mexico we find Cancun, a city with more than 700 thousand inhabitants that strives to please its visitors, obtaining the title of "tourist city" granted by the world tourism organization.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Cancun has approximately 200 hotels, large commercial chains, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, but if your option is to spend a few quiet days, outside of the city another chain of hotels, residences and cabins will be available.

Cancun receives more than 3 million tourists a year, so it is normal to find all the monuments, cinemas, museums and theaters in perfect condition and working 18 hours a day and although the city never sleeps is a tourist attraction to spend an excellent weekend in Mexico.

San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina

In the Colombian Caribbean we find a series of islands considered the best beaches in America.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

The Caribbean culture is reflected in this group of islands, the year receives more than 2 million tourists looking for its rich cuisine, its luxury hotels, the best nightclubs and bars.

You can start your day in any of the Keys, then go to the Big Pond lagoon, then visit the Port of El Cove or if you prefer to spend a day in the National Park old Providence McBean Lagoon.

If you want to walk through the city, the neighborhood of San Luis or the Botanical Garden will surprise you and when the Sunday arrives the appointment is in the Baptist Church of La Loma.

Viña del Mar

If you ever heard about the Viña del Mar International Song Festival and you asked yourself why it's so important and visited, it's a consequence of everything the city has to offer.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Viña del Mar is a small town in Chile, a seaside resort with several beaches that has a large hotel and residential chain.

In the city you find culture, art and history in the same place, from the museums to the conventions everything has a social touch accompanied by visual art and of course the music that is the main attraction of Viña del Mar, you can not run out of your own theaters.


Brazil is a cultural country of great cities, attractions, beaches and landscapes, that is why Recife is a sample of its tourism power and what it has to show the world.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Recife is the owner of large and important technological centers of the continent. Then you start your tour through the State Museum, the House of Culture, the Malakoff Tower or the popular Zeppelin Tower.

But if you prefer to know a little more about its culture you have at your disposal 100 other places to visit between museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas, convention centers and even your own Opera.

But if you decide a bit of carnival and parties, you can call Recife in advance, to find out about any of its many celebrations throughout the year.

Titicaca lake

The Andes continue to give us great natural wealth and unite several countries in Latin America.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

Lake Titicaca it is a clear sign that a large body of water can arise between mountains and hold two countries, Bolivia and Peru, responsible for their care.

But Lake Titicaca wants to be discovered, that is why several hotel chains have set their sights on this tourist destination, where you can walk its mountains, know its valleys, landscapes or just spend a weekend at the foot of the lake, on its beaches or restaurants on any of the islands .

You will also find a gastronomic and cultural diversity so varied that you can choose everything to your own taste.

National Park Iguazu

Argentina has one of the most impressive waterfalls on the planet Earth, this is how the Iguazú National Park takes its importance, its life and its natural sample.

10 Places to visit in the world – Travel – WebMediums

The park has several areas where the variety of fauna and flora is protected in its entirety by the Argentine government.

But they can not let go of its tourist importance and this is thanks to the thousands of tourists who visit the park every day to discover all its natural wealth.

In some areas it is allowed to interact with the animals, while in others you only have roads to see them up close.

The Iguazú National Park it has a hotel chain in certain towns and cities for the permanence of visitors.

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